【Superman】by Evo Nine ♪♪

Posted: June 19, 2013 in MV 推介
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Evo Nine: The Evolution of Moving Forward.

The Thai word for 9 is Gao; often referring to a similar term Gao-Nah, meaning progress or moving forward in Thai.
When pronounce out loud, the word nine is also similar to the Thai word N?y, which is the prefix to call a man.

An EVO Nine project starts out with an audition, where hundreds of boys who got through the tryout get to progress tothe training round; under the name “Mono Music Junior” while in training members will get eliminated every 3 month. After many rounds of fierce competition, it came down to final 7 members: Best, Nick, Wang, Feem, Tank, Gun and Andrew. They have been training for the past 4 years under the training system of Mono Music with more than 5,000 hours of intensive courses. Now is the perfect time for EVO Nine to debut.

The Evo Nine is joined by one of the finest production team from America, leading the team is Glen Choi also known as DJ Nure. Known for his contribution to the success of many artists from around the world such as the Black Eyed Peas / Wonder Girls / Kanye West / Lupre Fiasco / Drunken Tiger / Jamie Foxx etc. Mr. Choi is directly involved with the production of the Electronic New Age Pop “Make You Dance” for the Evo Nine

The Evo Nine choreography will be partake by the Korean choreographer, Lee Seung Min, who’s for the first time will be introducing the new dance style called “New School Hip Hop” in southeast asia.


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