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Ingredients 材料:

1 teaspoon salt / 1 茶匙 盐

40gm melted unsalted butter / 40克 预溶无盐牛油

50gm sand sugar / 50克 砂糖

20gm flour / 20克 低根面粉

100g almond slice / 100克 杏仁片

2 eggs white / 2 颗蛋白

Step 自制方法:

1.  Blend the egg white, salt and sand sugar.


2.  Add the flour into the blended ingredient.


3.  Add the melted butter, continue blend.


4.  Add in the almond slices, mix slowly(don’t make the almond slice in to small pieces).

最后加入杏仁片, 切记别太用力搅拌以免弄碎杏仁片。(用手搅拌即可,将杏仁片完全混入材料中)

5.  Mix well, then cover with wrapping plastic, put in to fridge 30 minutes.


6.  Pre-heat the oven at 160℃.


7.  Use spoon to scoop the ingredient and pour on oven plate evently, may use the folk to separate the almond slice, try not to overlap the slices.


8.  Baked 7-10 minutes at 130℃.


成品颜色必需呈浅褐色,带奶黄意味还未完全烘烤。 当冷却后杏仁片可一折就碎就是成功了。

Ingredients 材料:-

4 table spoon honey / 4汤匙 蜜糖

2 table spoon salt / 2汤匙 盐

1 table spoon Olive oil / 1 汤匙 橄榄油

1 teaspoon Vanilla extract / 1 茶匙 香精

1 teaspoon Cinnamon / 1 茶匙 桂花粉

500gm Cashews nut / 500 克 (生)腰豆

Step 制作步骤:

1.  Mix the all ingredient well, then put evenly on aluminium foil on tray.

将材料全加入, 搅拌均匀后,把材料排列整齐在石纸上。(腰豆尽量不要重叠,会影响烘培素质)

2.  Put into oven for 6 minutes with 150℃, take out for cool (about 10 minutes), then bake another 6 minutes with 180℃。

放入烤炉中, 先用150℃ 烤6分钟。之后将其拿出冷却(约10分钟),再放入烤炉以 180℃烘烤即成。