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An unstable mutant with the ability to teleport, Blink was one of the mutants captured by the Phalanx during the 1994 X-Universe crossover event Phalanx Covenant. In print, the character died within a month of her first appearance. Lobdell and Madureira redefined Blink as a more confident and assertive character in the parallel universe storyline “Age of Apocalypse” (1995). As a result of her redefinition and increased exposure during that event, Blink became a fan favorite, as exemplified in her return in the regular title Exiles in 2001. The character was featured in the four-issue Blink limited series in 2000. The primary-universe version of Blink returned to publication in 2009.

Powers and abilities
Blink has the ability to teleport herself and others at will. Blink can teleport large masses, including sizable groups of people. She can also use her powers in a destructive manner by teleporting only parts of objects. She can open portals that displace projectiles and even enemies that threaten her. Blink’s portals are typically pink and accompanied by a “Blink” sound.

Blink - New Mutants

Blink – New Mutants

Blink also has lilac skin, dark pink hair, pointed ears and pupil-less green eyes (this was a change in Exiles: both Ultimate Marvel and Age of Apocalypse Blink has white eyes with a blue sheen). She also has pink marks across her face: these are not decorations or tattoos, and were present from birth.

Fictional character biography
In the primary Earth-616 continuity of the Marvel Universe, Blink was introduced in the “Phalanx Covenant” storyline, in which the extraterrestrially derived techno-organic beings called the Phalanx captured her and several other young mutants to assimilate their powers. This version of Blink was tense and panicky and frightened of her powers (having “woken up in a pool of blood” after her first use of them). Clarice could not properly control her powers, and apparently was unable to teleport anything in an intact form. Instead, any object or person caught in Blink’s teleportation field, also known as a “blink wave”, would be shredded. She eventually used her abilities to “cut up” Harvest, a Phalanx entity guarding her and her peers, but she was caught in her own teleportation field and apparently died in the process. Because of her sacrifice, the remaining captives were set free and became the X-Men junior team Generation X.

Dark Reign
When Hercules travels to the Underworld, Blink is among the dead characters seen in Erebus gambling for their resurrection. Unlike the others, Blink just stands there watching them gamble.

Prior to the events of Necrosha, Selene begins gathering a new Inner Circle consisting of mutants with death-related powers. Taking a ship to the spot where Blink had fought Harvest and reaching into the air, Selene’s hand disappeared and Blink was then pulled out of nowhere. Selene reveals to Blink she had actually been stranded in another realm after her fight with Harvest, where she remained in a not-quite-dead state, all the while suffering in agony. After healing her, Selene manipulates Blink by stating she’s been looking for her for a while and could hear her crying out for help. Selene furthers her manipulations by telling her Emma Frost could hear her as well but left her behind, claiming she was too dangerous to save. Selene convinces the young mutant to join her cause claiming to be able to put an end to her cycle of pain and betrayal. Several weeks later, Selene and Blink go to New Orleans where Blink kills a man, using her powers to split him into numerous fragments and along with Selene, takes his mansion as a base of operations.
Blink visits Selene’s birthplace in Europe before traveling to Rome and New York where they slaughter the New York branch of the Hellfire Club. After they are done, she teleports Selene’s forces to Utopia where they attack the X-Men before returning to Selene, where they then journey to Genosha.
When Selene dispatches her Inner Circle to retrieve the mystical knife necessary to complete her ritual, Blink teleports them onto Utopia. In the confrontation, she is recognised by Emma Frost. During the fight, Blink and Senyaka attack Archangel, Senyaka ensnaring him with his coils and restraining him before Blink uses her powers to obliterate Archangel’s wings.
After finding the knife, Blink teleports to Genosha with a captured Warpath. Blink is present when Eli Bard gives Selene the knife and is killed in the process. She is later sent along with Thunderbird to watch over Warpath, however he is eventually rescued by the Vanisher.
When Selene began absorbing the many souls around her, she commands her minions to get her more souls to which Blink teleports most of the resurrected mutants and former-mutants to Genosha for Selene to absorb.
During the final fight, Blink evades Domino’s shots, using her teleporting abilities to outmanoeuvre her. Blink fails to account for the similar abilities of the Vanisher, who plucks Blink back out of her teleports. He then holds her while Archangel slashes her with his wings, taking revenge for her earlier assault. During Selene’s downfall, Blink flees, taking the heavily wounded Mortis with her.
To Serve and Protect
Sometime after the events of Necrosha, Emma Frost and a small team of X-Men consisting of Blindfold, Pixie, Husk, Warpath and former Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange track Blink down in Eastern Europe where she’s attempting to resurrect Selene. After a brief battle, Blindfold predicts Blink is going to commit suicide but is stopped by Emma who manages to help her realize Selene lied to her. Doctor Strange steps in and casts a spell which successfully purges her of Selene’s corrupting influence. Feeling remorse and guilt over killing for Selene, Blink breaks down and Emma tries to reassure her it wasn’t her fault and offers to be there for her as well a place with the X-Men. Overwhelmed with emotion, Blink teleports off claiming she can’t and is last seen looking out into the sunrise in San Francisco.
New Mutants
Following the Schism event, Cyclops commissions the New Mutants to tie up any loose ends, one of them is finding Blink. Cypher manages to find her, tracking her to a series of natural disasters connected to a band. Working with the New Mutants, they discover the band is being controlled by part of a sentient extraterrestrial ship, creating violent chaos energy as a call for help. After dispatching the sentient ship, Blink is offered the chance of coming back to Utopia or Westchester, Blink chooses the latter and joins Wolverine at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.
Blink later visits the New Mutants who were depressed over their recent mission to Paradise Island. Learning that it’s Warlocks birthday, she teleports the team to Madripoor to celebrate.[16] She later joins the team during their final mission against True Friend, an evil future version of Cypher. She is last seen attending a house party at the New Mutants residence in San Francisco where she assists in helping take down Tyro, Warlock’s adopted charge.
In the Apocalypse Vs Dracula mini series written by Frank Tieri, it is revealed that in London, 1897 Apocalypse’s genetic descendants called the Clan Akkaba had a member called Frederick Slade. Slade was characterized with pink hair and eyes that were tinted green, and he had the ability to teleport himself, others, and selected objects with a ‘blink’ effect. In the hope that the Clan Akkaba would still continue, Apocalypse’s servant Ozymandias, made sure that Frederick would sire a child with a woman known as Miss Ferguson. Given the similarity in powers and allusions made within the mini series, it is assumed that Clarice Ferguson/Blink is a descendant of the 19th Century Frederick Slade and Miss Ferguson and therefore a descendant of Apocalypse.
Slade showed up still alive, but elderly in an issue of New Excalibur and leading a new Clan Akkaba along with Ozymandias.


Blink – X-Men


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