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Pixie (Megan Gwynn) is a fictional superhero and “mutant” appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Her mutation grants her pixie-like eyes, colorful wings that allow her to fly, and “pixie dust” which causes hallucinations. After a confrontation with the revived former member of the New Mutants, Magik, she gains the ability to use magic and a magical weapon called the “Souldagger.” Her main use of magic is a massive teleportation spell, which makes her a key asset to various X-Men missions and teams and places her as one of the titles’ primary magic users. She was first introduced as a student on the Paragons training squad at the Xavier Institute in New X-Men, vol. 2, later joining the New X-Men team, and later graduating to the Uncanny X-Men team. Though only a side character in her initial appearances, she has since become a prominent character in various X-Men titles.

Pixie Comic Character


Megan Gwynn is a Welsh teenager from a fictional mining town called Abergylid. Her father died in the mine and because of that she develops a fear of it and leaves. She would later discover he wasn’t really her father, but the villainous Mastermind. Lady Mastermind and Mastermind II are her half-sisters. In her original inception, she had short pink hair, pure black eyes and butterfly-like rainbow wings.

Pixie (center) and her team

After enrolling at Xavier Institute, Pixie is assigned to be part of the Paragons training squad under the tutelage of former New Mutant member Rahne Sinclair. She wears a bicycle helmet during training sessions, due to her uncertainty with flying. During this time, she develops a crush on the X-Man Cyclops and is considered a cheerful girl who fits in well with other students; she was voted Friendliest Student.


Pixie Comic Character


Following the events of House of M, almost all of the Institute’s students are depowered, which leads to the dissolution of the school’s training squad system. Pixie is one of only twenty-seven students, including her fellow Paragons Trance, Wolf Cub, and Match, not to have lost her mutant abilities.

She participates in Emma Frost’s battle royal which determines who will train to be an X-Man, but does not make the team. She remains at the school, appearing occasionally as a side character. Later, forty-two of Pixie’s former classmates are killed when their bus is blown up by a missile sent by William Stryker, an anti-mutant crusader. Among the confirmed deaths are Gwynn’s fellow Paragon, DJ.

Quest For Magik

Pixie, along with Anole, Loa, Wolf Cub, Rockslide, and Match, are told a frightening ghost story by fellow student Blindfold one night at the school. However, they discover that the story is not fictitious, but rather a prophecy; telling Pixie that she is “sorry for [her] loss,” Blindfold and her classmates are sucked into the realm of Limbo, where they were immediately attacked by a mob of demons.

Pixie stays by Blindfold’s side during the fight, and Blindfold cautions Pixie and the others that Pixie must not “fall to darkness.” Pixie uses her powers on-panel for the first time during the fight, incapacitating several demons with her “pixie dust.” After Darkchilde saves the small group, she asks N’astirh to bring Pixie to her, recognizing that Pixie’s soul is the most innocent and therefore the most powerful in Limbo. Despite her friends’ pleas, Megan submits to Magik’s request to use her soul to create a Soulsword and Bloodstones, magical stones forged from an innocent soul that grant great power to their owners, but is freed from the process by Anole. His intervention saves her, but leaves the spell unfinished, resulting in the creation of only one Bloodstone and a “Souldagger” instead. Magik then explains that the Souldagger is actually a portion of Pixie’s own soul and that black magic has now filled the hole left behind in the knife’s creation, leaving Pixie no longer an innocent, represented by a great portion of her pink hair changing to black.

Magik teaches Pixie a teleportation spell and she uses it to teleport herself and her friends to Belasco to prevent him from torturing the rest of the students. Pixie saves the students and ultimately kills Belasco by stabbing him with the Souldagger. After defeating Belasco, Magik wants to use more of Pixie’s soul to create more Bloodstones to gain more power, but becomes disgusted with herself when her brother calls out to her, sending Pixie and the others back to the Xavier Institute and sealing all entrances to Limbo. Pixie and Anole are then made official members of the New X-Men for their bravery in Limbo at the insistence of Rockslide. Pixie later reveals that Doctor Strange will tutor her in magic when she comes of age and begins receiving additional training.


Pixie powers and abilities

Powers and abilities

Megan possesses insect-like wings (depicted of various colors, depending on the artist) that allow her to fly. Initially, her wings were broad and multicolored, similar to a butterfly’s, but recent depictions have her with iridescent, translucent wings, more like those of a dragonfly. It has been suggested that her wings’ appearance is affected by her psychological state.

In addition, her mutation allows her to produce a “pixie dust” that causes hallucinations, often with comedic effects, such as demons seeing bright bubbles and teddy bears, or in one instance, causing Wolverine to see and try to fight a herd of unicorns. In another instance, Megan uses her dust seemingly harmlessly to enhance the audience’s perceptions of Dazzler’s light show during a concert. She states that she has no idea what individuals affected by her dust are seeing.


Pixie’s wings

After Magik takes part of Megan’s soul in an attempt to create a Soulsword, her appearance changes, reflecting the portion of her soul lost to black magic. Artists’ depictions of this change in her personality are inconsistent, but typically depict her pink hair with black streaks. She also has the ability to detect the supernatural, as evidenced when she fought the N’Garai who were under a cloaking spell. When asked how she knows where they are she replies, “there’s a sliver of darkness that Magik put inside my soul… And it’s like a compass needle for other dark… stuff.” She has also been trained in hand-to-hand combat at the institute.

Because the spell to steal Megan’s soul was interrupted, a new Soulsword could not be formed; instead, Megan can summon a Souldagger, a mystical item that disrupts magical constructs and harms magical beings. Because of her connection with Magik, as Megan uses the Souldagger, her personality changes and becomes darker and more disturbing. Her dagger later changes from silver to red after it absorbs Pixie’s Bloodstone. It is unclear if this change is merely cosmetic. Like recent depictions of the Soulsword, Pixie’s Souldagger appears to have physical effects beyond disrupting magic and harming magical creatures. For example, while the abilities of the mutant Malice are psionic and based on mutation and not magic, the soul dagger is able to exorcise Malice’s psyche from Karima Shapandar. It also appears to have physically harmed Empath, disrupting his psychic abilities and leaving him blind after she stabs him in the head with it.

Though untrained in the mystic arts, Pixie possesses the potential to wield magic, largely due to black magic which has filled the missing portions of her soul. Pixie can recite the incantation taught to her by Illyana Rasputin (“Sihal Novarum Chinoth”) to teleport over long distances and to the dimension of Limbo. She is capable of teleporting herself and large groups over vast distances and across dimensions with relative ease, though teleporting without focusing (“blind teleporting”) can be hazardous, causing those transported to be scattered and potentially causing injury to Pixie herself. Following the events of “Quest for Magik,” Pixie is approached by both Doctor Strange and Amanda Sefton to receive formal tutelage in sorcery after she has come of age.

Opening PDFs in Illustrator may cause some elements to behave strangely. Text boxes in particular are often affected. Type will many times break into smaller text boxes, with words or individual letters in their own box. This can be very impractical and annoying if you’re trying to make edits to the document.

Below is an example of a PDF that I opened in Illustrator. On the baseline, the tiny blue squares indicate the start of a new text box. In this example the text is broken at at least once per word.


Notice how you can select an individual character or sets of characters and drag them around. Not cool.


If you want to edit the type, you must first combine all of the characters or retype them all. Here’s an easy solution for getting all of those individual letters grouped together.

1. With your selection tool, select all of the characters that you want to combine. Clicking and dragging your cursor over all of the text boxes is an effective way to select all of the characters and words.



Copy them all (Command + C) or Control + C if you’re on a PC.

commandkey  c_key               controlkey  c_key

2. With your type tool, draw a text box



3. With the text box still selected with the type tool, press Apple + V (Control + V)

commandkey1  v_key                  controlkey1  v_key

4. The type will flow itself into this new text box, without all of the awkward breaks.


Helpful Hint: If you’re flowing a LOT of copy, it may not always copy in the correct order. If there are paragraph breaks, try to select one paragraph at a time to copy and paste.

Another Helpful Hint: For illustration purposes only, I have the bounding boxes showing in steps 2 and 3 and hidden in all other examples. If your screen doesn’t look exactly like mine, it may be due to the display of the bounding boxes. To toggle this view go to: View > Show Bounding Box or View > Hide Bounding Box




Lady Finger Biscuit 手指饼
Mascapone cheese 芝士
Thickened Cream 250ml (一包装)
Egg 鸡蛋 4-6pcs
Coffee powder 即溶咖啡 20g
*Almond Slice 杏仁片
Vanilla 香草精
Chocolate / Coffee powder 巧克力/咖啡粉
Sand sugar 细砂糖 80g
Silver Foil 石纸
Gelatine powder 鱼胶粉 100gram
Teaspoon / Powder Measurement set 汤匙分量衡量套

Marsala 马沙拉酒 40ml


1. 把咖啡煮成水状(依据个人口味,约浓越入味)。然后加入Marsala酒精(两汤匙)和RUM酒(适量) [0:18]

2. 把Gelatine powder鱼胶粉隔热煮成水状。(过程只需将鱼胶粉隔着热水就可搅拌融化,无需用火煮)

[TIPS]. 如果要加入独特风味,可尝试用消化饼为蛋糕底。
步骤:将消化饼压碎,倒入融化的牛油 (可用热水隔盘融化牛油),加点砂糖搅均。将馅料倒入盆底用圆底(杯或瓶罐)压平。(别忘了事先铺上石纸)。好了先放入冰箱待用。

3.将蛋黄和蛋白分开,[1:02]将蛋黄打散,加入砂糖用微热搅拌均匀(可开微火煮水,隔热搅拌),搅拌至呈奶白色为止 ,搁置一旁待冷 [1:51]

4. [2:01]倒入Thickened Cream加入Vanilla (几滴)搅拌至白色糊状。如[2:40],搁置一旁。

5. [2:48]将【步骤(3)】的蛋黄加入Mascapone cheese用手搅拌均匀,再倒入【步骤(4)】及鱼胶粉继续搅拌均匀如[4:10].

6. 先将玻璃底布上石纸 (着可省回清洗时的麻烦),将手指饼沾点咖啡酒液 [4:21],整齐地摆设在底盘。然后倒入馅料,先铺上第一层(记得别太厚),再继续摆上手指饼,然后再铺上馅料。

7. 最后将咖啡/巧克力粉 [6:15] 撒上蛋糕面.

8. 放入冰箱,过4小时后可食用。

TIPS: 本人喜欢创新口味,可在第一层手指饼过后加入巧克力粉及杏仁片以增加口感。

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【一日一馬雲】馬雲:怕失敗、不要創業 挫折、錯誤才最珍貴



☆彡☆彡☆彡 The party on Xmas eve (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C) 聖誕前夕大派对 ☆彡☆彡☆彡




鬆餅是很多人喜歡的點心,每天早上能夠吃到澆了楓糖,抹上奶油的現烤鬆餅,真的是一種莫大的幸福。如果 你不是個鬆餅的超級愛好者,那麼專門買一台烤鬆餅的機器總覺得不太合算,但是你知道嗎?除了做出美味的 鬆餅,還可以用這個機器做出很多其他美食,快點來豐富你的菜譜吧!

It’s called a waffle iron, but let’s not be technical. Ask yourself, “Can I waffle that?” Brownies, cinnamon buns, hash browns! Howdini brings you 7 outrageously delicious recipes… so dig that waffle iron out of the cabinet.

▼ 5分鐘製作小煎餅 Waffle Brownie:


▼ 簡單製作肉桂小麵包 Waffle Cinnamon Buns:


▼ 10分鐘製作馬鈴薯小煎餅 Waffle Hash Browns:


▼ 3分鐘製作小菜餅 Waffle Quesadillas:


▼ 3分鐘製作雞蛋餅 Waffle Omelette:



▼ 3分鐘製作鬆餅 Waffle Biscuit:


▼ 3分鐘製作早餐三文治鬆餅 Breakfast Wiscuit Sandwich:


doraemon257 Awesome Waffle Iron Recipes:

PIC05555_Laven PIC05556_Laven


Dear my friends,

wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016.


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