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Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin)  was born on a Soviet collective farm called the Ust-Ordynsky Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia. He lived there with his mother Alexandra, father Nikolai, and sister Illyana. His older brother, Mikhail, had been a Soviet cosmonaut and had apparently died in a rocket accident. The 2006 comic mini-series Colossus: Bloodline established that the family was descended from Grigori Rasputin.

Peter’s superhuman powers manifested during his adolescence while saving his sister from a runaway tractor. Immediately after, Peter was contacted by Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men.


Colossus, X-Men Last Stand


Peter was part of the second generation of X-Men, formed by Charles Xavier to save the original X-Men from the living island Krakoa. He agreed to leave the farm community in which he was born to go to the United States with Xavier. Xavier gave him the name Colossus. After the battle was won, Colossus remained in the United States with the new X-Men.

Colossus is typically portrayed as being peaceful, selfless, reluctant to hurt or kill anyone, and always putting himself in danger to protect others. In some of his earliest missions, he battled the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, and visited the Savage Land, where he met Nereel.

Peter’s family always remained in his thoughts and he frequently wrote letters home. Shortly after joining the X-Men, a woman known as Miss Locke kidnapped many of the team’s loved ones to use as hostages in order to force the X-Men to aid her in freeing her employer, Arcade, from captivity by one of Doctor Doom’s robots. Among her captives was Colossus’ younger sister Illyana, whom Locke had kidnapped from the Siberian collective farm and transported to the United States. Arcade brainwashed Colossus into becoming “The Proletarian”, who then battled the other X-Men until they countered the brainwashing. The X-Men freed Illyana from captivity, and she went to live with her brother Peter at Xavier’s mansion. Due to her later captivity in a dimension known as Limbo, where she spent years while only mere moments elapsed on Earth, Illyana became the adolescent sorceress known as Magik. As a side effect, an alternate timeline version of Colossus dies in Limbo.



When the X-Men fought the evil mutant Proteus, Colossus attempted to kill Proteus by punching him with his metal skin, an act he found morally questionable even though he did it to save Moira MacTaggart’s life. During his early career with the X-Men, Peter started what was arguably his most significant relationship with fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde. Although they were only together as a couple for a short while, the relationship provided the foundation of a deep and lasting friendship.


Colossus was later almost killed in a battle with Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but was saved by Rogue and the Morlock Healer. During the Secret Wars, he became infatuated with the alien healer Zsaji, and realized his feelings for his teammate were not wholly genuine, ending his relationship with Kitty Pryde. Emotionally distraught, he afterwards engaged in a bar fight with Juggernaut.

During the Mutant Massacre, Colossus became heavily involved in the X-Men’s efforts to save the Morlocks from the Marauders. When Kitty was severely injured by Harpoon, Peter gave in to his rage and snapped Riptide’s neck. He eventually passed out from previous wounds inflicted by Riptide. Magneto, with the aid of Shadowcat, used his powers to heal Peter’s armored form, but the process left him paralyzed. He was sent to Muir Island to recuperate, along with Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and the surviving Morlocks.

Over time, Colossus’ wounds healed, but he was trapped in his armoured form, and could only maintain his human form with the utmost concentration. When he saw the X-Men in Dallas during the Fall of the Mutants, he had his sister teleport him to the battle, where he became a wild card, as Destiny had not seen him in her vision of the X-Men’s demise. When the team decided to sacrifice themselves to stop the Adversary, Colossus went along, dying to save the world. Like the rest of the X-Men, he was revived by Roma and decided to let the world believe him dead while he and the X-Men worked out of an Australian base.

Following the Inferno event, Illyana was returned to her original Earth age. Colossus decided it would be better for Illyana if she went back to live with their parents in Russia.

In time, Colossus was reunited with Nereel in the Savage Land, and met her son.

After the X-Men began falling apart with Rogue vanishing, Wolverine taking off, Longshot quitting, and Storm apparently killed, Psylocke telepathically prodded the remaining three to disband and travel through the Siege Perilous to gain new lives. Peter emerged in New York with no memory of his past life, inventing a new persona for himself as ‘Peter Nicholas’, where he quickly became a successful artist. He battled the Genoshan Magistrates. He began having visions of a beautiful model, who turned out to be Callisto transformed by Masque. The two were kidnapped by the Morlocks, though Peter had no memory of his time with the X-Men. He resumed his armored form and defeated Masque. He was saved by Forge, Banshee, and Jean Grey, who decided it better that he live his new life rather than be dragged back into theirs.

Peter was psychically dominated by the Shadow King and sent to hunt down Stevie Hunter and Charles Xavier. Xavier had no choice but to destroy the Peter Nicholas persona to break the Shadow King’s hold. Colossus joined in the battle of Muir Island, and rejoined the X-Men as a member of Storm’s Gold Strike Force. Peter is shown to be traveling to the Savage Land, where he locates Nereel. He is astonished to learn that the child she bore was not his, but that of another lover. Disheartened, he departs the Savage Land.

The X-Men later found themselves in another dimension, where they discovered that Colossus’ brother, Mikhail, was alive and acting as a messiah to the population of that world. Mikhail returned to Earth with the X-Men, but was distraught with having been responsible for the deaths of the original crew from his first trek into the other dimension. Mikhail established himself as leader of the Morlocks and transported them to another world. Peter was disappointed by his brother’s abrupt departure and blamed himself.

Not long after, Peter’s parents were slain and Illyana kidnapped by the Russian government, who hoped to genetically evolve Illyana to the point where she would have the use of her powers again, to defeat the mutant known as the Soul Skinner. Colossus, with the help of the X-Men, saved Illyana and brought her back to the Mansion.

Later, Illyana became an early victim of the Legacy Virus and died from it. The loss of his immediate family, as well as brain damage that forced him to remain in armored form, caused Colossus to rethink his position with the X-Men and join Magneto and his Acolytes, who had offered him an alternative to the X-Men’s pacifist philosophy of peaceful mutant/human coexistence. Colossus recovered from the brain damage soon after, but decided to remain with the Acolytes of his own volition, hoping he could temper their extremist methods with what he had learned from Professor Xavier.


Powers and abilities

Colossus is a mutant with the ability to transform his entire body into a form of “organic steel”, with properties similar to osmium but of still unknown composition. Colossus must transform his entire body into this armored state; he cannot transform only a portion of his body. When he transforms, he gains approximately 1 ft (30 cm) in height; official figures state his height at about 7 ft 5 in (230 cm) in transformed state versus 6 ft 6 in (200 cm) in normal human form) and his weight is at least doubled. In his armored form, Colossus possesses superhuman levels of strength, as well as superhuman stamina and durability. His physical strength is currently greater than when he first joined the X-Men due to the realignment of his cells by Magneto following an injury during the Mutant Massacre. While in his armored form, Colossus requires no food, water, or even oxygen to sustain himself, and is extremely resistant to injury. He is capable of withstanding great impacts, large caliber bullets, falling from tremendous heights, electricity, and certain magical attacks. While he has great resistance to temperature extremes of hot and cold, extreme heat followed by rapid super-cooling has been shown to cause extreme damage. As he is vulnerable to the anti-metal vibranium in his metal form, his body instinctively shifts to human form when faced with a vibranium weapon.


Colossus is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having received training from Wolverine and Cyclops. He has had training in acrobatics and sword fighting from Nightcrawler. In his human form, he is still exceptionally strong and in superb physical condition, though not superhumanly so. He has completed college-level courses at Xavier’s school.

As the unstoppable Avatar of Cyttorak, Colossus gained additional superhuman strength and resistance to injury, as well as other mystical powers. Among these is the power to ignore impediments to his movement, hence the “unstoppable” moniker.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman was born Jessica Miriam Drew, daughter of Jonathan Drew and Merriam Drew, in London, England. At a young age, her family moves to a lab built by her father and Herbert Wyndham near Mount Wundagore in Transia, where she becomes gravely ill from months of uranium exposure. To save her life, her father injects her with an experimental serum based on irradiated spiders’ blood. Because the serum requires a month’s incubation, Wyndham places her in a genetic accelerator. Shortly after, her mother dies and her father leaves for the U.S.A., leaving Wyndham to care for her. While in the accelerator, she ages at a decelerated rate. When she is finally released, decades later, Drew is only 17 years old.

Drew is ostracized by the other residents of Mount Wundagore, the High Evolutionary’s New Men, since she was originally human while they were animals. Because of this, she eventually leaves to seek human civilization. She is captured by a HYDRA reserve unit under Count Otto Vermis’s leadership who erases her memories, brainwashes her, and recruits her as a HYDRA agent under the codename Arachne. One of HYDRA’s top agents, Jared, is assigned to train her in combat and espionage, and to seduce her. Once Jessica has become his lover, he allows himself to be captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., so that she can be goaded into assassinating S.H.I.E.L.D. commander Nick Fury.

While battling Fury, Jessica accidentally kills Jared and learns HYDRA’s true nature. She quits HYDRA and assaults the unit’s base, sending Count Vermis into a fatal crash, but not before he unlocks memory implants that she was actually an evolved spider and had killed a man before her association with HYDRA. Despondent from these revelations, she wanders the woods where Vermis crashed until being recaptured and hypnotised by HYDRA.



Spider-Woman: Origin

Origin does away with the spider-blood serum and genetic accelerator elements of the character’s previous origin story. Instead, Jessica’s powers derive from her mother’s womb being hit by a laser beam containing the DNA traits of several different species of spiders while she was carrying Jessica (the Drews were trying to splice and harness spiders’ environmental adaptive capabilities, in order to graft them into the human genome).

After Jessica’s parents disappear under mysterious circumstances, Jessica is recruited into HYDRA (under false pretenses), where she is made into a formidable fighter and assassin. She is trained and mentored by Taskmaster, who schools her in many martial disciplines and more than seven different fighting styles out of his own “arsenal”.

In this re-telling, Otto Vermis, originally recruiting her into HYDRA, is rather an old, retired HYDRA agent who Jessica seduces in order to gain information that will lead her to her mother.

In addition, Origin made the following modifications:

  • Merriem Drew was now Miriam Drew.
  • The Drews moved to Wundagore Mountain prior to Jessica’s conception, establishing without a doubt that she was born on the European landmark. Afterwards, she was raised by her nanny Bova (human in appearance), as well as her mother.
  • Jessica’s father, Jonathan, never found uranium on their land. Instead, their research was funded by HYDRA, and their direct liaison/financier from the group was General Wyndham. It is not clear what connection, if any, he had with Edgar Wyndham (who in the original Spider-Woman books was Jonathan’s best friend and research partner), nor with the High Evolutionary.
  • Jessica’s father worked in large part with Miles Warren who later left the project because he felt that there was more potential in experimenting with the cloning of human cells.
  • Spider-Woman Comic

    Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)


Going by the “Spider-Woman” name, Jessica Drew is ordered to abduct Alicia Masters vacationing in London. During the resultant conflict with Ben Grimm, she recovers from her brainwashing and joins him in saving Masters. She and Grimm then encounter Modred the Mystic, who removes HYDRA’s memory implants and restores her memories.

Jessica moves into an apartment in London, but finds it impossible to get a job due to her complete lack of background and her tendency to inspire dislike and even fear in other people. Following an aborted break-in she is unmasked by Scotland Yard officer (and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) Jerry Hunt who becomes obsessed with her. During this troubled time she is approached by the mysterious sorcerer Magnus, who offers help. After defending him from Excaliber who was sent by Morgan Le Fay to recover the Darkhold, he suggests she relocate with him to Los Angeles. Magnus tutors her in the ways of civilization and informs her that her father was murdered, leading her on a hunt for his killer. She is distracted from this hunt when Morgan Le Fey’s ghost again seeks the Darkhold, this time in person. During the battle, Hunt catches up with Jessica, and they begin a romantic relationship. With his help, she identifies her father’s murderer who dies immediately after confessing.

For the time, Jessica chooses to keep her doings as Spider-Woman a secret. Her relationship with Hunt sours, and following a final battle with the Brothers Grimm, he and Magnus part ways with her. For the next three months she makes a hand-to-mouth living by working as a receptionist at the Hatros Institute while undergoing group therapy there. Though she ultimately loses the position due to a change in management, during her time there she received medication to suppress her pheromones so that she could move effectively among people without producing any unwanted side-effects, formed a strong friendship with fellow patient and aspiring actress Lindsay McCabe, and developed acquaintances with several other superheroes.

The next few months of Jessica’s life are not covered by published stories. During this time, she goes public as Spider-Woman, becomes a bounty hunter working in partnership with parapalegic criminologist Scotty McDowell, acquires a full wardrobe of disguises for use in her work, and finds a police liaison in Captain Walsh. This situation lasts for several months. When her working relationship with Scotty fails, Jessica accepts an offer from Lindsay to move into an apartment with her in San Francisco, where she begins a romantic relationship with their landlord David Ishima, and sets up a practice as a licensed private investigator. Her move there allows Lindsay to deduce her secret identity; she is unbothered by the danger involved in being Spider-Woman’s friend, and the shared secret deepens the friendship between them.

While working as a P.I., she battles Morgan once again. Not long after that, Jessica gives up her immunity powers to save Giant-Man. Her relationship with David Ishima develops to the point where she reveals her Spider-Woman identity to him, only to have him break up with her because he wants to be with an ordinary woman.

Jessica travels in astral form with Magnus to Sixth Century England to free her friends’ souls in a showdown with Morgan le Fey in the 6th century. She manages to vanquish Morgan, but her human body dies while her spirit was gone. At her request, Magnus places a spell over humanity to remove all memory of Jessica’s existence. This spell is faulty; when Tigra and the Shroud discover Jessica’s dead body, they contact the Avengers and Doctor Strange. The Avengers and Strange travel to the astral plane to battle Morgan Le Fay, who was trying to claim Jessica’s body so she could return to the physical realm. Eventually, Doctor Strange and Magnus reunite Jessica’s spirit with her human body, though Magnus’s life and Jessica’s powers are sacrificed to do so. She thus abandons her Spider-Woman identity and continues her life as a private investigator in San Francisco, assisted by Lindsay McCabe and, for a time, by Tigra.


Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Jessica and Lindsay take a job delivering the Black Blade to Japan, but while passing through Madripoor she is ensorcelled by the blade. By this time her superhuman strength and agility, and ability to cling to walls, have returned. She is freed from the blade’s power by Lindsay and an underworld figure called Patch, who she immediately recognizes as the X-Man Wolverine. Following the incident, she and Lindsay set up new business lodgings in Madripoor, with Patch as a frequent ally and information source.

Jessica Drew’s life settles down until Charlotte Witter, a villainess going by the Spider-Woman name, steals her powers and leaves her near death. Jessica is taken from the hospital to New York City by Madame Web who directs her and Mattie Franklin (yet another woman who has assumed the Spider-Woman name) to track down Witter. Under Madame Web’s guidance, Franklin absorbs from Witter the powers of all four Spider-Women. Afterwards, Jessica remains with Madame Web for a time, helping her to watch over Mattie. Jessica’s powers gradually return to her during this time, but are now unreliable, failing her unexpectedly on occasion.

Spider-Men and Women

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

For untold reasons, Jessica moves back to San Francisco, resuming her private investigator practice there. When she hears that Mattie Franklin has gone missing, she goes to New York to find her. With the help of local P.I. Jessica Jones, she rescues Mattie from a drug dealer who had abducted her and was cannibalizing her tissue to make the Mutant Growth Hormone.

Powers and abilities

After her mother was struck with a beam of radiation containing the DNA of several different types of spiders while she was in-utero, Jessica Drew developed superhuman powers patterned after several different types of spiders when she was born. Jessica is superhumanly strong and is able to lift around seven tons at her peak. She also possesses superhuman speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. Jessica’s body is more resistant to injury than an ordinary person, allowing her to take far more physical punishment compared to an ordinary human. Jessica also possesses superhuman hearing and smell, the latter of which allowed her to distinguish a life model decoy from the real Nick Fury. Jessica’s palms and soles secrete a special fluid that allows her to cling to solid objects, like a true spider. Jessica’s physical makeup also makes her highly resistant to all terrestrial poisons, toxins, and completely immune to radiation. While she is typically rendered dizzy by the initial dose, she is completely immune to it after being exposed again. She also exudes a high concentration of pheromones that elicit pleasure and attraction in men and revulsion in women, although she typically uses a chemical “perfume” that renders these pheromones inert. Jessica’s body also produces an inordinate amount of bio-energy, which she can discharge from her hands. She refers to these discharges as “venom blasts” although they actually have nothing to do with poison and typically cause pain and unconsciousness, and Jessica can kill a man in the same way that a lightning bolt would and can pierce solid metals like steel by using her blasts at their greatest intensity. Jessica was also able to glide through unknown means using the web-like extensions of her costume, but seems to have gained the power to fly after being replaced by the Skrull Queen Veranke. Jessica has lost her powers in numerous ways and on several occasions, but after returning to Earth at the end of the Secret Invasion, Jessica’s powers were restored and are greater than ever.

In addition to her powers, she is also a superb hand-to-hand combat fighter, and has trained in several styles of fighting including boxing, judo, karate, and capoeira, learned under the training of the Taskmaster. She has also had training in fencing and the use of many other weapons. Jessica was trained by HYDRA (and later on by S.H.I.E.L.D.) in covert operations, stealth, espionage, and information gathering and is a superb athlete. She speaks several foreign languages, including Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Jessica also received vocational training in undercover detective work and sometimes carried a Walther PPK handgun.


Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in X-Men #4 (March 1964) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character has since starred in two self-titled limited series with husband the Vision and appears as a regular team member in superhero title The Avengers.

Magda, the wife of Magneto, escapes from him while pregnant and takes sanctuary at Mount Wundagore in Transia, the home of the High Evolutionary. She gave birth to twins, Wanda and Pietro. The Elder God Chthon altered Wanda at birth and gave her the ability to use magic in addition to her mutant abilities, planning to use her as a vessel when her powers reached maturity. Fearing that Magnus would discover the children, Magda leaves the sanctuary and supposedly dies of exposure to the elements. The twins are attended by Bova. Bova soon assists the superheroine Miss America through labor, but the birth results in a stillborn child and Miss America dies in the process. Bova tells the Whizzer (Robert Frank) that the twins are his children, but he flees because of shock from the death of his wife. The High Evolutionary places them instead in the care of the Romani Django and Marya Maximoff, who raise the twins as their own, naming them Pietro and Wanda. After Django Maximoff steals some bread from a neighboring town in order to feed his starving family, the townsfolk set fire to the Roma village, killing Marya. Pietro carried Wanda to safety and the two wandered Europe for some time. The events of their childhood were so traumatic that they did not remember them until well into their adult lives. After Wanda used her powers to save a child, they were chased by a mob. They were saved by Magneto, although neither of them are aware of their connection. He recruits them for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which fought against the X-Men on several occasions. Magneto is abducted by the cosmic entity Stranger, the Brotherhood dissolves and the twins declare that their debt to Magneto has been paid.

The Avengers

Soon after Magneto’s abduction, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch join the Avengers. Along with Captain America as leader, and former villain Hawkeye, the four become the second generation of the Avengers and are later dubbed as “Cap’s Kooky Quartet”.

Wanda is accidentally shot on a mission against Magneto. Quicksilver rejoins Magneto and leaves the Avengers with his wounded sister. After a pair of encounters with the X-Men, the twins left Magneto, but did not rejoin the Avengers immediately. Wanda and Pietro are then kidnapped along with several other mutants by the Sentinels, but are subsequently freed by the X-Men.

Quicksilver later returns to the Avengers and advises them that Wanda has been kidnapped and taken to another dimension by the warlord Arkon. After being rescued, both of them rejoin the team. The Scarlet Witch then falls in love with android teammate the Vision. Before long, the two develop a romantic relationship. Their relationship has a tumultuous start as both Quicksilver and Hawkeye object — Quicksilver cannot accept the idea that his sister loves a robot while Hawkeye loves Wanda himself. Despite this, the pair eventually marry with the blessing of the entire team.

The Scarlet Witch begins to be tutored by a true witch, Agatha Harkness, which allows her even greater control over her hexes. Wanda and Pietro also meet Robert Frank, who believes them to be his children. This is later disproved when Wanda and Pietro are abducted by Django Maximoff and taken to Wundagore. Wanda is temporarily possessed by the demon Chthon, and after defeating it is advised by Bova that neither Frank nor Maximoff is their biological father. Soon after, while trying to track down Magda one last time, Magneto learns that he is the father of the twins. He immediately informs them of their relationship, shortly after the birth of Pietro’s daughter Luna. The Scarlet Witch and the Vision take a leave of absence from the Avengers, and she conceives the twin boys named Thomas and William. As the Vision is an android, she got pregnant using magic. Wanda gives birth, and, with the Vision, eventually leaves the East Coast to join the West Coast Avengers.


Scarlet Witch

Their relationship is almost ended when the Vision is dismantled, and then recreated as an emotionless android. Wonder Man, who had a crush on the Scarlet Witch, refuses to allow a new recording of his brain patterns to restore the Vision’s personality. Another personal setback follows when it is revealed that Wanda’s children are in fact missing shards of the soul of the demon Mephisto. Absorbed back into Mephisto, Agatha Harkness temporarily erases Wanda’s memories of her children from her mind in order to ensure that she can temporarily disrupt Mephisto’s physical form. It is ultimately revealed that Immortus masterminded those events, as he sought to tap into the temporal nexus energy she possessed. The Avengers ultimately rescue Wanda, who regains her memories of her children in the process.

Immortus’s actions leave Wanda’s hex power drained and highly unreliable, which was fixed by Agatha Harkness and Doctor Strange. Wanda is then nominated as leader of the Avengers West Coast team. When the team is dissolved, Wanda leads a new one called Force Works. The team suffers several setbacks, including the death of Wonder Man on the first mission. When the team splinters after the last mission involving Kang the Conqueror, the Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye return to the main team.


Scarlet Witch Comics

The Vision and Scarlet Witch reconcile shortly before sacrificing themselves with the other Avengers and the Fantastic Four to stop the mutant villain Onslaught. Due to the intervention of Franklin Richards, Scarlet Witch and her teammates exist in a parallel universe for a year, until being returned to the mainstream universe.

Shortly after the heroes return, the Scarlet Witch is kidnapped by the sorceress Morgan le Fay, with the intention of using Wanda’s powers to warp reality. Wanda temporarily resurrects Wonder Man, and the Vision is damaged in the final battle with Le Fay. Agatha Harkness tells her that she is now able to channel chaos magic, which made her more powerful. Wanda finally resurrects Wonder Man for good, and the two become lovers. The Vision is eventually repaired and once Wonder Man breaks up with Wanda,they resume their relationship. Her ability to channel chaos magic culminates when the villain Scorpio splits the cosmic entity the In-Betweener into his separate order and chaos personas and Wanda has to reassemble the entity.


Scarlet Witch

Reality warping era

Wanda hears the Wasp mock her ambitions for motherhood, only to find herself missing her memories of ever having had children. The Scarlet Witch then seeks out help from Doctor Doom to see if he can restore her children to life. To do so, they summon a mysterious cosmic entity which merges with her. Wanda under the influence of the entity launches a campaign of terror against the Avengers, blaming them for the death of her children. The Vision is destroyed, Hawkeye is killed, and Scott Lang is almost killed, but is saved by Wanda’s future self, who teleported him to the future. Doctor Strange defeats Wanda, and Magneto leaves with her.

Realizing that the Avengers and the X-Men are seriously contemplating killing his sister, due to her unstable powers, Quicksilver convinces Scarlet Witch to use her powers to create a world where everyone has their heart’s desire fulfilled. Although the reality warp succeeds, several heroes (Hawkeye, Wolverine, and Layla Miller) regain their memories and gather Earth’s heroes to stop the “House of M”. When Magneto discovers what Quicksilver did, he murders him. Wanda resurrects him and, enraged with her father, depowers 90% of the mutant population, including Magneto and Quicksilver. She retires to Wundagore, to live a secluded normal life. Both Beast and a resurrected Hawkeye met her during this time.


Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlet Witch in Civil War

Powers and abilities

Scarlet Witch is able to manipulate probability via her “hexes” (often manifesting physically as “hex spheres” or “hex bolts”). These hexes are relatively short range, being limited to her line of sight. Casting a hex requires a gesture and concentration on her part, though the gestures are largely a focus for the concentration. Despite this precision, the hexes are not necessarily guaranteed to work, particularly if Wanda is tired or using her powers excessively. If overextended, Wanda’s hexes can backfire, causing probability to work against her wishes or even undo previous hexes. Early in her career, Wanda’s hexes were subconscious on her part, and would be automatically triggered whenever she made a particular gesture, regardless of her intent. These hexes would only manifest “bad luck” effects. She later gained enough control over her powers so they only work when she wants them to, and they are not limited to negative effects. She can use her hexes to light flammable objects, contain or remove air from a particular volume, deflect objects, stop the momentum of projectiles, open doors, explode objects, create force fields, deflect magical attacks etc. The effects are varied but almost always detrimental to opponents, such as causing the artifact the Evil Eye to work against the inter-dimensional warlord Dormammu, forcing the robot Ultron to short circuit, or a gas main underneath the Brotherhood of Mutants to explode. The Scarlet Witch also has the potential to wield magic and later learned that she was destined to serve the role of Nexus Being, a living focal point for the Earth dimension’s mystical energy.


Scarlet Witch

Writer Kurt Busiek redefined the Scarlet Witch’s powers, and maintained that it was in fact an ability to manipulate chaos magic, activated due to the demon Chthon changing her mutation at birth into an ability to wield and control magical energy. This was offered as an explanation for her various feats that seemed to go beyond probability alteration, as well as why her hexes almost always have an effect that is favorable to her goals. During Busiek’s run as well as the subsequent run by Geoff Johns, she was shown to be capable of large-scale spells given enough concentration and time to shape the chaos magic to a specific goal, including the resurrection of Wonder Man.

In House of M, her power was depicted as sufficient to rewrite her entire universe, and cause multiverse-threatening ripples. In The Children’s Crusade it was revealed that this omnipotence was not part of her natural power level, but the result of a cosmic magical source that increased a magic user’s powers to god-like levels. By the end of the event she had returned to her previous power level, able to alter probability and work magic, but not able to change reality at will.

She also has a degree of resistance to the Phoenix Force and can also cause pain to its hosts, such as Cyclops when he tried to stop Hope from going with her. However, this becomes less effective as the Phoenix Force portions are divided among those who have not yet been defeated. A vs X #12 confirmed that her powers involve chaos magic, and stated that she has “Mutant Magic”, and the “primal source of her chaos” magic is cosmic.

Wanda is also an expert combatant, having been trained by Captain America, Hawkeye, and Wonder Man, as well as being an adept tactician due to her years of experience as an Avenger and her involvement in a variety of combat situations.


Legion from marvel comics

Charles Xavier met Gabrielle Haller while he was working in an Israeli psychiatric facility where she was one of his patients. Xavier was secretly using his psychic powers to ease the pain of Holocaust survivors institutionalized there. The two had an affair that resulted in the birth of their son David. Xavier was initially unaware of this, as Gabrielle never told him she was pregnant.



Powers manifest

When he was very young, David was among the victims of a terrorist attack, in which he was the only survivor. The trauma of the situation caused David to manifest his mutant powers, incinerating the minds of the terrorists. In the process, he absorbed the mind of the terrorist leader, Jemail Karami, into his own. Being linked to so many others at their time of death, he was rendered catatonic, and remained in the care of Moira MacTaggert at the Muir Island mutant research facility. The trauma caused David’s personality to splinter, with each of the personalities controlling a different aspect of his psionic power.



Struggle from within

Karami struggled for years to separate his consciousness from David’s. Using David’s telepathic abilities, he reintegrated the multiple personalities into David’s core personality. Some of the personalities resisted Karami, and two proved to be formidable opponents: Jack Wayne, a swaggering adventurer, who commands David’s telekinetic power, and Cyndi, a temperamental, rebellious girl who controls David’s pyrokinetic power. Wayne intended to destroy Karami’s consciousness to preserve his own independent existence within David’s mind. Neither personality succeeds, and Karami, Wayne, and Cyndi continue as David’s dominant personalities.

During his time at Muir Island, David emerged from his catatonia. Soon after, David was possessed by the Shadow King, who used his powers to psychically increase the amount of hatred in the world and feed on the malignant energy. During this time, the Shadow King, as David, killed the mutant Destiny. The X-Men and X-Factor fought the Shadow King, and as a result, David was left in a coma.

Legion Comics

Legion from marvel comics

Powers and abilities

Doctor Nemesis, Blindfold, and Professor X among Legion’s personalities.

Legion is an Omega-level mutant who has multiple personalities. The first personality to manifest, Jemail, was the mind of a terrorist that David somehow absorbed into himself. According to Karma, the only way he can absorb other people into his mind is if he is right next to them when they die or through telepathy. Two others, Jack Wayne and Cyndi, have made themselves known, but it is unknown how many other personalities may exist. The manifestation of Legion’s individual powers are each associated with a different personality, and each personality controls a different power. The cumulative powers of all his personalities make him one of the strongest mutants in existence.

Legion’s core personality took control of his splinter personalities’ powers when he traveled back in time.

Some of the powers alter the host body physically, such as lycanthropy or a prehensile tongue. According to Cannonball, this is a relatively new ability. Some of the other powers include super speed, flight, X-ray vision, heat absorption, super strength, matter animation and sonic scream. Dr. Nemesis claims that Legion instinctively created a doll named Moira; when one personality gains control of the doll, it controls the body.[13] Using the soulsword given to her by Magik, Karma went inside Legion’s psyche and liberated an unknown personality imprisoned deep within him. This persona turned out to be Legion himself, displaying a different behavior and appearance, marked by his peculiar eyebrows. This “true Legion” persona could warp reality and wiped the Elder Gods from existence, later resetting the universe to a state before the Elder Gods first appeared on Earth.

A new personality emerged when Dr. Nemesis started killing off the other personalities. This new personality was described by Professor X to be psychic antibody, this one possess psychic abilities and warp-reality. This personality seemed to be the only one that wanted David to be happy so she made the Age of X reality where David would be seen as a hero. She took the form of Moira and became his “mother” in this reality.

After the Age of X has ended, David was given a Neural Switchboard Wristband which was engineered by a collaboration of Doctor Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, and Reed Richards. By keying in a number, this device stimulates cells in the thalamus and neocortex, creating a one-way link between Legion’s own mind and one of his sub-selves. This allows Legion to utilize power sets without being overwhelmed by the personality.

In the current X-Men: Legacy Volume, David was shown to have greater control over his powers, but lost this control due the mental shock of his father’s death. New sub-personas were shown with powers of their own.



The following characters are the different personalities of Legion where each one has a different power:

  • Through the personality of terrorist Jemail Karami (the name given to Personality #2), he has manifested telepathy.
  • Through the personality of roustabout adventurer Jack Wayne (the name given to Personality #3), he has manifested telekinesis
  • Through the personality of the rebellious girl Cyndi (the name given to Personality #4), he has manifested pyrokinesis. This personality of Legion had a crush on Cypher.
  • Through the personality of The Legion (the name given to Personality #5 and Legion’s “real me”), he can warp time and reality where this form was responsible for the Age of Apocalypse reality. Magik nicknamed this personality as a “God-Mutant.”
  • Through the personality of Sally (the name given to Personality #67), he has the appearance of an obese woman with Hulk-like super-strength and increased muscle mass.
  • Through the personality of an unnamed punk rocker (who was classified as Personality #115), he can channel sound blasts that are referred to as “Acoustic Aggressive” by the Nimrod Sentinels.
  • Little is known about Personality #181 except for the fact that this persona can enlarge itself to an undetermined size. This was the first power Legion utilized with the Neural Switchboard Wristband.
  • Through the personality of Johnny Gomorrah (the name given to Personality #186), he can transmute his enemies and objects into salt.
  • Time-Sink (the name given to Personality #227) has the ability of time-manipulation.
  • Personality #302 uses rapid-punching abilities.
  • Styx (the name given to Personality #666) has the ability to use a touch of death to absorb the spirits of his victims after absorbing a spirit so Styx can continue to control the victims body. David finds and absorbs them.
  • Personality #749 can discharge electricity.
  • Personality #762 is a pirate that can belch an acid gas.
  • Personality #898 is a centaur.
  • Personality #993 can emit gaseous materials at high speeds.
  • Delphic (the name given to Personality #1012) is a blue-skinned seemingly-omniscient seer willing to answer three questions to supplicants. She also gives off what appears to be electric discharges.
  • Absence is an alien/demon creature who claims to have traveled through realities and stars. Absence’s power is to “siphon off heat and love.”
  • Bleeding Image is a living voodoo doll and amplifies pain from any injury he inflicts on himself will be felt by his victims.
  • Chain is a human virus turning anyone he touches into a copy of himself with a new weapon.
  • “Fiend” is a persona that emerges due to the mental shock of Professor X’s death. It has an unknown power and it has been shown to be immune to telepathy, as it was shown to be unaffected by Blindfold when she rendered all the sub-personalities to fall asleep and attacked her, causing Blindfold a psychic-trauma. He has the form of a yellow little goblin-like creature with unknown power. This personality also contained a part of Professor X who calls David his “son.”
  • Chronodon is a dinosaur with a clock on its face. Based on its name, it can be assumed that it has time manipulation.
  • Clown is a surly-looking clown that can blast a light energy from his mouth.
  • Compass Rose can locate any person and teleport to them.
  • Drexel is a foul-mouthed simpleton with super-strength.
  • Endgame can counter any attack executed against him such as increasing strength with a melee attack or changing his form with a magnetic.
  • Findel the Finder can find anyone across the galaxy.
  • Hugh Davidson is a stereotypical prepster with a long prehensile tongue.
  • Hypnobloke is a strange gentleman with flashing swirls for eyes in a top hat and carrying a pocket watch. His powers are that of hypnotic suggestion.
  • Kirbax the Kraklar is a demonic creature with the ability of flight and electricity generation.
  • Ksenia Nadejda Panov is a Moscow heiress, discus champion, exporter of caviar, torturer of puppies. She has the ability to generate ionic scalpels from her fingers.
  • K-Zek the Conduit Power appears to be an android with the ability of wireless energy transfer (or WET) and electrical absorption.
  • Marci Sabol is a normal girl that David Haller had once met. She became trapped in his mind when she was killed by one of Legion’s other personalities.
  • Max Kelvin has the appearance of an crotchety old man. His eyes protrude when he uses his powers of plasmatic flame generation..
  • Mycolojester is a plant-like entity with the attire of a jester. He has the mutant power to emit toxic spores from the skin pores on his body which acts as a powerful nerve gas. However, its effects can be dissipated by water.
  • Non-Newtonian Annie is a skinny purple women dressed in pink clothes. She has the power to be cloaked in a zero-tainullskin that deflects any attack and according to the law of the conservation of energy, kinetic energy is redirected.
  • Origamist is a sumo wrestler who can warp reality and can fold space time.
  • Protozoan Porter is a strange-looking near octopoid-like personality with physiological resemblance to a leech. He has the ability to teleport by disassembling into multiple little bits of ameboid like particles then reassembling them at a given destination.
  • Pukatus Jr. is a small cherub-like demon which can vomit an acidic substance.
  • Skinsmith control the ability to bend the skin of others.
  • Susan in Sunshine can amplify emotions of those around her.
  • Tyrannix the Abominoid is a Cthulhu-like creature with telepathic powers.
  • Wormhole Wodo can open wormholes across the galaxy.
  • Zero G. Priestly can control gravity.
  • Zubar has the power to levitate himself.
  • An unseen persona has the power to heal others which David uses to heal an old man from his psychic tumor.


Legion has been described as both autistic and schizophrenic.

Origin of name

Legion is named after the Biblical demon Legion. A man possessed by many evil spirits was asked by Jesus what his name was, to which he replied “I am Legion, for we are many.”



Remy Etienne LeBeau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was kidnapped from the hospital where he was born, then raised by the LeBeau Clan Thieves’ Guild, and given to the Antiquary as a tribute.

They referred to the child as “Le Diable Blanc” (“the White Devil”) and believed he was prophesied to unite the warring Thieves’ and Assassins’ Guilds. Soon after, Remy was placed in the care of Fagan’s Mob, a gang of street thieves who raised the child and taught him the ways of thievery. After living as an orphan on the streets, a 10-year-old Remy attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, then patriarch of the Thieves’ Guild. Jean-Luc took the boy off the streets and adopted him into his own family.

Remy’s bio-kinetic charging abilities manifested early in his teens, although he kept his powers secret from his family and friends, practicing his powers away from prying eyes. When he was 15, he accompanied his cousin Etienne Marceaux on his “Tithing,” the ritual initiation test of the Thieves’ Guild. However, it went awry as they were assigned to steal from the powerful immortal mutant Candra, who quickly captured them. Candra recognized Remy from an encounter that had taken place in her past but in his future (due to a time travel mission to the 19th Century Remy would take as an adult) and sold them to the deformed mutant gangster and child slave trader known as the Pig, who planned to sell them and others their age to HYDRA as boy soldiers. Remy used his powers to escape their holding pen, but the physically enhanced Pig quickly caught up to them. Remy discovered his signature attack when he picked up a playing card that Etienne had dropped, charged it, and threw it in the Pig’s face, taking out his eye. Finally escaping his cliff top headquarters by diving into the sea, Remy was ultimately rescued by the Guild; Etienne drowned.



Later during his teen years, Remy was first hired by Mr. Sinister, then in disguise of Dr. Nathaniel Essex. Essex wanted his stolen diaries back from the Weapon X program. Remy and the Thieves’ Guild accepted the mission and sent out Remy to retrieve said diaries. Standing in the cold, scouting the Weapon X facility, Remy couldn’t bear the cold and swore he would steal a long, stylish jacket in New Orleans after the mission, which he did. Upon entering the facility, Remy witnessed Wolverine escaping from his adamantiumprocedure and found the diaries. However, deeming them to be too dangerous for Essex to have them, as Remy didn’t fully trust him, Remy burned the diaries. He headed back home, only to find a disappointed Thieves’ Guild and Essex.


In an attempt to reconcile the Thieves’ and Assassins’ Guilds, Remy married Bella Donna Boudreaux, granddaughter of the head Assassin, whom he met at the age of eight. Unfortunately, he was challenged by her brother Julien to a duel after the wedding. In the duel, Gambit killed Julien, and he was exiled from the city, ending his romantic relationship with Bella Donna.



The Mutant Massacre

After his exile from New Orleans, he wandered the world and became a master professional thief, making many contacts (and quite a few enemies). During this period, Gambit found he had an uncontrollable amount of energy flowing through him, to the point that he could not withstand it. Desperate, Gambit went to Mister Sinister for help. Sinister modified Gambit’s power by removing a portion of Gambit’s brain stem, making him significantly less powerful, but able to control the still considerably large amount of power in him. Years later, a much-younger version of Mister Sinister surgically returned it, upon Gambit’s request, when Gambit time-traveled to the 19th century.

However, Sinister wanted the favor returned, so Gambit carried out various missions for him. For the last of these operations, Gambit gathered together a group of mercenaries which Sinister named the Marauders. Gambit was then ordered to lead the Marauders into the tunnels under New York City. He led Sabretooth, Blockbuster, Prism, and Riptide there while — unknown to Gambit — Scalphunter, Arclight, Harpoon, Malice, Scrambler, and Vertigo followed the Morlock Tommy into the tunnels. Their goal was to wipe out the Morlocks. Gambit was unable to prevent the Marauders from killing a considerable number of Morlocks, but he was able to save one, a child. Her name was Sarah, and she would grow up to be Marrow, the leader of the mutant terrorist group Gene Nation. Gambit long kept his involvement in the mission a secret from his fellow X-Men, much to their eventual displeasure.


After wandering around the world, he encountered a de-aged and powerless Storm, and helped her escape from the Shadow King.He then rescued her from Nanny and the Orphan-Maker, helping her battle them. Afterwards, the young amnesiac Storm, who had reverted to thieving to stay alive, joined Gambit, and she eventually brought him back to the X-Men. Soon after, Gambit helped the X-Men, X-Factor, and New Mutants battle the Genoshans. Only Wolverine expressed his doubts about the Cajun, which led to a Danger Room duel between the two. Gambit was able to triumph by using a robotic doppelganger of Lady Deathstrike to distract Wolverine, while taking advantage of Wolverine’s injuries, inflicted by the Reavers. Gambit and the X-Men were then taken to the Shi’ar galaxy by Lila Cheney. Alongside the X-Men and Starjammers, Gambit battled Deathbird, the Imperial Guard, and a band of Warskrulls. Upon their return to Earth, Gambit assisted the X-Men and X-Factor in battling the Shadow King, though he was temporarily controlled by the Shadow King.

When the original five X-Men rejoined and the team was divided into two squads, Gambit became part of the Blue team under Cyclops’ leadership. Alongside the X-Men, he battled Magneto and his newly formed Acolytes, Fenris, the Hand, Omega Red, and Sabretooth, and then Mojo. Gambit then fought Bishop and was attacked by his estranged wife Bella Donna. Gambit recounted how he had fled from New Orleans after killing his brother-in-law in self-defense. Alongside the X-Men, Gambit first encountered the second Ghost Rider. Gambit battled the Brood Queen and the Brood-possessed Ghost Rider, and witnessed the apparent death of his now ex-wife, Bella Donna.

Gambit became romantically interested in one of his teammates, Rogue, and started flirting with her. Despite her off-putting manner and the obstacle of her uncontrollable mutant ability that prevented anyone from touching her, he began romancing and seducing Rogue. Their strong romantic relationship was originally written as a one time, flirtatious moment; ironically, their romantic relationship is listed as one of the longest and most popular on-going deep and close romantic relationships in the X-Men series, probably only second to Jean Grey and Cyclops. Although their early “courtship” portrayed him as very “devil may care” in his flirtation with her, later issues revealed that, beneath his bravado and swagger, he truly had genuine romantic feelings for her. Similarly, despite her initial aggressive rejection of his advances, Rogue found that she was not only flattered by his attention, but that she felt equally romantically attracted to him.

Many publishing years later, it had become apparent Remy had a dark secret. Sabretooth had hinted to it on numerous occasions during his “residency” at the X-Mansion, prompting Rogue to ask him to reveal whatever he knew about Gambit’s past. Remy was captured and brought before a mock trial held by Magneto, the mutant Master of Magnetism, then disguised as Erik the Red. Rogue was forced to kiss him again, revealing that he had assembled the team of Marauders for Mr. Sinister that later killed most of the Morlocks. However it was also revealed that Gambit saved a single girl from the Marauders during the massacre. This apparent revelation and absorbing Gambit’s own guilty memories caused Rogue to reject him. Gambit was similarly cast out of the X-Men and was abandoned in the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

Starving, and haunted by the betrayal of his lover, Gambit made his way back into Magneto’s citadel, where he encountered the psionic essence of a dead mutant named Mary Purcell. The wraith-like Mary bonded with him, allowing him to survive until he reached the Savage Land, a hidden jungle nestled in the icy wasteland. There, Remy struck a deal with an enigmatic being known as the New Son. In exchange for passage back to America, Gambit agreed to run errands with the help of friend Jacob Gavin Jr. During this period, Remy’s command over his abilities strengthened and amplified significantly.

When Gambit’s psyche absorption had worn off, Rogue spent months searching for him, to no avail. Gambit encountered Storm and Shadowcat when he attempted to steal the fabled Crimson Gem of Cyttorak for his new employer. He agreed to return to the X-Men, mainly for his self-respect and for Rogue. At one point, he became the field leader of a branch of X-Men. His romantic love for Rogue was still intact, but her inability to control her powers made her break it off out of fear of hurting him.

Meanwhile, the New Son revealed his true identity as an alternate universe version of Gambit himself, after organizing an assassination game for a cadre of superpowered mercenaries with Remy as the target. During the final confrontation, Gambit burned out his enhanced abilities, thus returning to his original level of power.

Powers and abilities



Gambit is a mutant with the ability to convert the potential energy stored in an inanimate object into pure light kinetic energy, thus “charging” that item with highly explosive results. He prefers to charge smaller objects, such as his ever-present playing cards, as the time required to charge them is greatly reduced and they are much easier for him to throw. The only real limitation to this ability is the time required to charge the object: the larger it is the more time it takes to charge. Most charging takes place through direct skin contact. The power of his explosions is dependent on the mass of the object he is charging, for example, a charged playing card explodes with the force of a grenade. Gambit can also use his mutant abilities to accelerate an object’s kinetic energy instead of converting its potential energy; for example, he can charge his Bo staff with enough kinetic energy and power to level a house.

Gambit’s ability to tap kinetic energy also grants him incredible superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, reflexes and reactions, agility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance), as his body constantly generates bio-kinetic energy and so is perfectly constructed for constant motion. This gives him an added edge that he has used to his advantage by developing a unique acrobatic fighting style.



He also has the ability to create static, because of the charged potential energy always in his body, that shields his mind from detection and intrusion by even the strongest and most powerful telepaths such as Emma Frost, Jean Grey, or even Charles Xavier. The shield has the added effect of destabilizing touch-based abilities.

Gambit also possesses an unusually strong and irresistible hypnotic charm that allows him to exert a subtle influence over sentient beings, leading them to believe what he says and agree with his suggestions. This charm is so strong and powerful that if given a chance, Gambit could even charm the Shadow King himself. The hypnotic charm does not work on those who know about it.

During combat, Gambit customarily wears a suit of highly articulated light body armor and uses an extendable metal staff. He is extensively trained in martial arts, particularly French kick-boxing or Savate and the staff style art Bojutsu. He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, applying street-fighting techniques and acrobatics. Gambit is a skilled card-thrower, so he throws his charged playing cards at opponents with great accuracy. He also excels in all aspects of thievery, as he was adopted by the patriarch of a Thieves Guild.

After Apocalypse used the Celestial Technology to transform Gambit into the Horseman Death, Gambit demonstrates the ability to convert inert materials into toxic substances (such as transforming breathable air into poisonous gases) and has the potential to ingest diseases and plagues. It is apparent that the Celestial Technology never left his system, as seen during a telepathic attack against him that brought out temporarily the Death persona, which eventually killed the attacker. He also showcased new abilities he had not used before in this form such as his Death Charge which fueled his trajectiles with dark energies which either disintegrate or entrap beings within his cards. He could also convert people to his mindset like he did with Northstar and Dazzler.Gambit’s body did subsequently return to normal, suggesting that Gambit now has the ability to switch between his own and Death appearances.

Gambit was temporarily given the full strength and potential of his mutant abilities to battle his counterpart New Son. At his full strength and power, Gambit can control all aspects of kinetic energy down even to the molecular level, allowing him to manipulate the potency of his bio-kinetic energy to burn, cause molecular discomfort, incinerate, create timed detonations (and manipulate the potency of the energy release), fire energy blasts, defy gravity, heal wounds, charge objects within his line of sight without contact, and effectively exist as an energy being. Under such conditions, he holds sufficient power to cause another being to be unable to move—or unable to stop if in motion. He has been able to cause or simulate various energies by manipulating the kinetic energy present, such as infrared and microwaves, by increasing molecular agitation, or cold by reducing it. He was also able to use his powers to travel through space-time, cross dimensions, and remake realities outside of space-time by transforming himself into living energy which joined with the kinetic flow. Finally, Gambit was able to heal himself by stimulating his cellular activity. These enhanced powers were burnt out after fighting New Son, and Gambit has since returned to his original, somewhat lower power levels.. However, after Sage jumpstarted his powers again, he was able to heal his blinded eyes—thus implying he is again able to heal himself—and is also able again to charge living things with energy, as when he teamed up with Sebastian Shaw to destroy Mr. Sinister’s machines. He was also given another boost when he was killed in an altercation with a drug lord and Faiza Hussain managed to restore him before it set it, enabling him to charge a bullet with twice as much explosive force than usual.

Gambit was temporarily blinded due to a card in his hand being hit and exploding. While blinded for a period of time, it was shown that Gambit had the ability to foresee future events using his playing cards through tarot reading.



Alison Blaire was born in Gardendale, New York to Carter Blaire and Katherine Blaire. Her mutant powers first manifested when she was in high school. An aspiring singer, she volunteered to perform at her school dance when her light-generating abilities first appeared. Everyone at the dance assumed it was a technologically generated special effect, an assumption commonly made before she reveals herself to be a mutant later in her life.

Using the stage name “Dazzler”, Alison sets out to make a name for herself in the music industry, using her light powers and dancing ability to enhance her performances. It is at one of her shows that Alison first meets the X-Men while they are attacked by the forces of the Hellfire Club. Angry at the interruption of her show, Alison lashes out in anger at the Hellfire intruders, unintentionally making one member catatonic. Alison subsequently aids the X-Men in finding Kitty Pryde. She had always assumed that life as a disco queen would be exciting but finds the fight with the X-Men’s enemies going a bit too far. Thus she turns down their offer to join the team.


Dazzler hides her status as a mutant from all but those closest to her. After acquainting herself with the various Marvel Comics superheroes, Alison finds herself continually using her abilities to fight both ordinary criminals and rogue superhumans — often at the expense of her career ambitions. On one occasion, she meets Spider-Man, teaming up against the Lightmaster. She later battles the Enchantress, is overwhelmed by Doctor Doom, the Absorbing Man and then fights off Nightmare. She briefly allies with the Blue Shield, and aids the X-Men and Spider-Woman against the misguided Caliban. On another occasion, she battles and defeats the Hulk, and establishes a long-standing feud with the then-mentally unstable Rogue. She also had a romantic affair with Warren Worthington III. In the course of her inadvertent adventures, she even encounters the planet-devouring Galactus initially thinking she is of little notice and generally ignores her. Nevertheless, Galactus temporarily endows her with cosmic energy so she can retrieve the herald Terrax. In addition to being offered membership into the X-Men, Alison is also asked to audition for a place in the Avengers. She declines while facing Fabian Stankowicz (who is ultimately easily defeated by the Wasp), saying that the superhero “trip wasn’t for [her]”.

Debut of Dazzler

Debut of Dazzler

Dazzler moved to Los Angeles in a vain attempt to help her half-sister Lois London that has the mutant ability to kill anyone with a touch, but has little to no control over the ability. While in Los Angeles, Alison attempts careers in fitness training, dancing, modeling, and acting. Influenced both by her lover Roman Nekoboh, and her desire to abate the growing anti-mutant sentiment, Alison publicly declares her mutant identity. The revelation backfires, destroying her reputation and career and inflaming anti-mutant sentiment, which sends Alison into a depressive state. Forced again into hiding, she spends some time as a keyboard player and back-up vocalist in rock singer and fellow mutant Lila Cheney’s band. While on tour, the band’s plane crashes, which leads to Dazzler, Lila, and a bandmate being successfully rescued by Cannonball and Joshua. Lila has been knocked out so Dazzler uses the music Joshua plays at the scene to blast a hole through the wreckage. Alison is later possessed by the psychic mutant Malice; after an encounter with the X-Men coming to warn her about the Marauders, Dazzler is freed from possession and becomes a member of the team.



During her tenure with the X-Men, Dazzler receives training, attains greater control over her powers, and develops a romance with the extra-dimensional Longshot. She is also forced to work alongside the now-reformed Rogue. This causes considerable tension between them at first, due to Alison’s difficulty in getting over Rogue’s attempts to kill her in the past, as well as Rogue’s own strong feelings for Longshot. Over time, she eventually believes Rogue is genuinely remorseful and forgives her teammate. Dazzler struggles with her career ambitions and personal insecurities, and eventually she and her team-mates in the X-Men enter the mystical Siege Perilous. Discovered in an amnesiac state washed up on a beach by her former bodyguard Guido, she is nursed back to health by Guido and Lila, though their efforts prove unsuccessful in helping restore her memory. Her memory is eventually restored when she is found by Longshot. Devastated by the loss of her career, Alison ventures to Longshot’s native “Mojoworld”, and remains there to help fight in the ongoing rebellion against the tyrant Mojo along with Lila.

Dazzler eventually returns to Earth without Longshot after an unfortunate series of events, including an apparent miscarriage and war. She helps Jean Grey in the fight against a repowered Magneto backed by an army of Genoshans. She and Jean lead a small band of mutants to back up the original X-Men that are in Genosha already. Dazzler faces down Magneto who turns her powers against her and apparently incinerates her. As Magneto arrogantly boasts about this triumph, Dazzler reveals herself to be alive and well. She and Jean had concocted a plan for Alison to generate a hard-light hologram of herself to distract Magneto, then gravely wounded by Wolverine. After the conclusion of this incident, the X-Men offer Alison support for her personal problems, but she declines.

Characters in the Marvel Universe who are counted among her fans are Juggernaut, teammate Colossus, the Hulk, Northstar, the Rhino, Molly Hayes,Shadowcat, and Pixie.


Dazzler’s power

Powers and abilities

Dazzler is a mutant with the ability to transduce sonic vibrations which leave her body into various types of light. This ability seems to operate over a great range of frequencies, including the audible spectrum, and a great variation of sound pressure levels regardless of the complexity, dissonance, or randomness of the sound. Sounds as different as a car crash and a symphonic passage both produce convertible incoming acoustic vibrations.

Dazzler prefers utilizing the sound of music, particularly that which is rhythmically sustained. Not only is music more pleasant to her ears, but the steady beat of contemporary music provides a more constant source of sound to convert. The precise means by which this conversion process works is as yet unknown. Dazzler has been shown to create a “null space” of sound in a certain radius of her person, as a result of “pulling” the sound in her area to her person, to either protect a crowd of people or to supercharge her power reserves.

Left undirected, Dazzler’s light will radiate from her body in all directions, producing regular flashes of white light. By conscious control over the light she produces, she can control its direction, frequency (color), amplitude (intensity), and duration.

Dazzler can produce numerous effects. She can create simple patterns out of rays of light or combinations of patterns which produce trance-like effects in her targets. She can create a pulse of light on the order of several thousand watts of power, which temporarily blinds people with its brilliance. She can create a chaotic cascade of sparkling lights and colors that severely upsets other people’s equilibrium, or a pulsating strobe-light effect. Dazzler can generate a coherent beam of light, approximating a laser beam. Dazzler can generate a shield from laser energy that can deflect projectiles or energy beams.

Dazzler has polarizing eyes and cannot be blinded or dazzled by light.

With effort, she can create holograms of human beings and other three-dimensional beings and objects. She can also use light energy to generate flight.

She generally directs lasers from a single finger when she requires precision. She most often uses her hands for directing her light effects, but she could also use other parts of her body. Since studying with the X-Men, she has become adept at directing her blinding strobe light blast from her eyes.

The most powerful manifestation of her laser abilities are a concentrated stream of solid photons she usually fires from her index finger but can emit from her entire body. The beam is extremely powerful and as a consequence uses a great deal of her energy reserves. She has also demonstrated the ability to stretch the electromagnetic spectrum to produce devastating microwave energy. She has since learned how to produce these blasts without draining herself, while still providing them with considerable power.

When Galactus enlisted her to retrieve his wayward herald Terrax from the heart of a black hole he had her exposed to unimaginable sounds, including the explosion of an entire galaxy, to boost her to sufficient levels.

Since the events of Dazzler: The Movie, Alison’s body can store sound energy for future discharge as light. Thanks to Professor X, Dazzler’s costume contains devices that enable her to store sonic energy more efficiently and to gauge and focus the light she generates with greater skill. She has also demonstrated on at least one occasion the ability to expel the stored sound into a devastating wave of sonic energy that destroyed her foe Silence.

Dazzler is immune to the injurious effects of her light transducing abilities. Her ability to transduce sound also protects her from being deafened by loud sounds; In Dazzler vol. 2 #1, it was indicated that her ears are highly developed allowing her to detect sounds on frequencies that others cannot register. In X-Treme X-Men, Vol. 2, No. 4, she demonstrates the ability to use sound waves for echolocation before absorbing them for energy.

Dazzler is a highly skilled athlete, and has become an excellent hand-to-hand combatant thanks to her training with the X-Men, and with the Gladiators. In addition, she is a talented singer, actress, and dancer. She is also a highly accomplished roller skater and can move at high speed; she occasionally wears a pair of roller skates which magnetically adheres to her boots.



Magik (Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina – typically anglicized to Rasputin) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most often in relation to the X-Men. She first appeared in the comic book Giant-Size X-Men#1 (May 1975).

Magik is the younger sister of the Russian X-Man Colossus. She is a member of a fictional sub-species of humanity known as mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. Her natural mutant power is the ability to teleport. She also is a capable sorceress.

Illyana Rasputin (born Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina) was born in the Ust-Ordynski Collective farm, near Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union to Nikolai Rasputin and his wife Alexandra Natalya Rasputina. Illyana’s two older brothers, Mikhail Nikolaievitch Rasputin and Colossus (Piotr “Peter” Nikolaievitch Rasputin) are also mutants. Colossus’ superhuman powers manifest while saving Illyana from a runaway tractor.

At six years old, Illyana is abducted and brought to the United States by Arcade, who uses her and several other hostages to coerce the X-Men into opposing Doctor Doom. She is rescued and brought back to the X-Mansion.



Shortly thereafter, Illyana is called to the Limbo dimension by Belasco, who seeks to bring forth the Elder Gods to rule Earth. She is raised there, frequently bullied and tormented by Belasco’s underling S’ym. In order to free himself, Belasco needs to fill the Beatrix Medallion with five bloodstones. The bloodstones are created by corrupting Illyana’s soul, with a new stone appearing as her corruption deepens. She is rescued and tutored in the practice of white magic by that dimension’s version of Storm (who turned to magic when her mutant powers waned). Finding the use of magic abhorrent, Limbo’s version of Shadowcat, known as Cat, kidnaps and trains Illyana in hand to hand and sword combat. Cat, along with Illyana, storms Belasco’s citadel. They are overwhelmed by Belasco who further transforms Cat into a feline demonic creature. With Illyana back under his control, Belasco instructs her in the art of black magic in the hopes that it will further corrupt her soul. However, Illyana plots Belasco’s defeat and continues to resist the dark influence on her soul. Illyana forms a mystical bond between both Storm and Cat, who were also tutored by Belasco.

Belasco succeeds in creating three parts of Illyana’s bloodstone pendant. Illyana creates the Soulsword and takes over Limbo as its new ruler. While wielding the Soulsword she manifests horns, a tail and fangs. She banishes Belasco from Limbo and claims S’ym as her servant. She then returns to Earth a decade older, although no time has passed on Earth since her kidnapping. She subsequently joins the New Mutants.

Magik misguides one of her teleportation discs through the space-time continuum and strands herself and Mirage in ancient Egypt.There, Illyana meets Storm’s ancestor Ashake, an Egyptian priestess. Together, they defeat an evil sorcerer, Heka-Nut, who sought an ancient mystical sword called the Sword of Bone using Magik’s Soulsword. Ashake helps Illyana and Mirage return to the present, with Mirage’s memory of the incident erased in the process.

A strange armor begins to appear on her body each time she wields the Soulsword. The armor appears only on one of her shoulders and arms at first, but appears on more of her body each time that she wields the sword. Illyana’s skill as a sorceress grows, and she battles other beings with mystical powers such as Baba Yaga, the Enchantress, Forge, Spiral, and Heka-Nut. A routine trip through Limbo goes awry, leaving the New Mutants stuck in Limbo. To open an escape route for her teammates, Illyana embraces her demonic nature and opens a colossal teleportation disc between Earth and Limbo, which N’astirh holds open, triggering an invasion of Earth by demons from Limbo. Ashamed of herself, she flees into Limbo, and decides to end the demonic invasion by assuming rule of Limbo. However, her teammate Rahne Sinclairpersuades her against this, and she instead gives up her demonic powers by creating a massive stepping disc that banishes the demons back to Limbo, then throws her Soulsword in after them to seal the portal shut. Afterwards, the New Mutants find a seven-year-old Illyana inside the husk of her eldritch armor. She still possesses the bloodstone locket.

Because of the mystic bond she shares with the Shadowcat from the Limbo dimension, the Soulsword passes on to Earth’s Shadowcat in England. It embeds itself in a stone nearExcalibur’s lighthouse headquarters, waiting for Shadowcat to claim it and become its new wielder. After a conflict with the necromancer Gravemoss, the Soulsword is acquired by Amanda Sefton, who would claim Illyana’s mantle as Magik, ruler of Limbo and wielder of the Soulsword.

Illyana returns to Russia where she lives with her parents for some months until they are murdered by the Russian government in order to secure Illyana’s abilities to defeat a psionic being known as the Soul Skinner. Illyana then returns to the X-Mansion to live with her brother and the other X-Men.

Not long afterwards, Illyana contracts the Legacy Virus, and dies in the X-Mansion, despite all efforts to save her made by Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert.

Illyana’s spirit returns to Colossus, who had recently returned to the United States with Shadowcat and Nightcrawler following the disbanding of Excalibur. When investigating odd occurrences inside the Mansion, Colossus locates one of the stepping disks that Illyana had magically bound to the school. He is transported to a pocket world, which holds a memory imprint of Illyana. Illyana’s memory convinces him to make one final sacrifice. When the cure for the Legacy Virus turned out to need the death of one mutant, he secretly gave his life, so nobody else would have to die like Illyana did. Colossus is later resurrected by an alien race.

Belasco eventually deposes Amanda Sefton and, after seeing Illyana reappear during the House of M and realizing he carries a torch for her, creates a powerful spell to return her to him. The spell pulls forth the remaining essence of Illyana still held within Limbo’s dimension, taking shape as the Darkchilde, the semi-demonic version of Illyana corrupted and transformed by dark magic. Belasco is not satisfied with his creation, claiming that it is not the true Illyana Rasputin (due to her lack of Illyana’s soul) and banishes her to the outer parts of Limbo.

Illyana, now with her Darkchilde persona, discovers some of the teenage New X-Men being attacked by a horde of demons. After aiding the mutants against the demons, she uses a spell to immobilize them and steal a portion of Pixie’s soul, in the hopes of creating both a bloodstone and a new Soulsword, as Illyana felt Pixie had the most innocent of souls present. Anole breaks free from Illyana’s confinement and dispatches her. Pixie’s soul extraction is partially successful however, creating one part of a bloodstone pendant and a soul dagger. Illyana attempts to complete the process and destroy those who wished to interfere, but Rockslide thwarts her, and causes Illyana’s human memories of her friends and life among the X-Men to return to her.

Although only a part of Pixie’s soul was taken, Pixie is now capable of performing magic, the hole in her soul having been filled with black magic. Since Belasco had sealed his castle from her own magic and powers, Illyana teaches Pixie a teleportation spell, with which the New X-Men attack and defeat Belasco.

Illyana succumbs to her Darkchilde persona and announces her desire to create several more bloodstones in order to become god-like in power. She is interrupted by the arrival of Colossus, investigating Illyana’s apparent return to life. A pained Illyana rejects her brother’s offers of help, and sends everyone back to Earth, before reclaiming Limbo’s throne and informing S’ym and N’astirh, now once more her servants, that her next move is to reclaim her soul. Motivated by her friendship with Shadowcat and love for Colossus, Illyana tries to reclaim her soul through love and teleports to the Xavier Institute, only to find it destroyed and abandoned.

While in Limbo, Illyana attacks various demons in her search for the Bloodstone amulet. Her activities are noticed by Mephisto, Blackheart, Satannish, Dormammu and Hela. Belasco’s daughter, Witchfire appears during the meeting and reveals she is the current owner of Illyana’s Bloodstone amulet and vows to take her father’s place as ruler of Limbo. Back at the X-Men’s base in San Francisco, Pixie accidentally discovers Magik’s Soulsword is hidden inside Nightcrawler. Sensing its presence, Illyana teleports in and reclaims her sword, transforming from the Darkchilde into her Magik persona. She strikes Colossus when he enters the Danger Room and calls out to her, realizing that something is wrong when she does not feel any emotions, and returns to Limbo. Witchfire has conquered Limbo and Magik’s armies during her absence. Claiming everything that Belasco ever owned, Witchfire captures Magik, takes her bloodstone and adds it to the amulet.

The X-Men arrive at the castle; Nightcrawler finds Illyana chained to a pillar. At her direction, he stabs her with Pixie’s soul dagger, re-releasing the Soulsword inside of her. Witchfire completes the set of Bloodstones via another portion of Pixie’s soul and releases the Elder Gods. Illyana and the other mutants hold back Witchfire and the Elder Gods. Using a combination of magic and the powers of the Soulsword and Souldagger, Illyana and Pixie remove one of Pixie’s bloodstones. The Elder Gods are swept back to their dimension, along with Witchfire and the remaining bloodstones. Pixie’s Souldagger merges with the bloodstone that was pried loose by Ilyana. Saddened by the loss of her and Pixie’s remaining bloodstones, Illyana teleports the mutants back to the X-Base, and they convince her to stay with them.

However, the younger mutants are still very distrustful of her. Illyana seems to have undergone a personality change since her return from the future, becoming more detached emotionally in most cases, possibly due to the further loss of most of her soul.

Later, Cyclops sends Illyana to team up (unknowingly) with X-Force to locate Wolverine and teleport them to Alcatraz to rescue any mutants taken prisoner by Norman Osborn’s forces. Along with Pixie, they teleport all the X-Men from San Francisco to their new home, Utopia.

When Hope Summers and Cable return to the present during the X-Men: Second Coming storyline, Bastion begins eliminating all mutant teleporters to trap the mutant population on Utopia. While trying to bring Hope and Cable to Utopia, Illyana is fired upon by one of the Purifiers with a supernatural weapon that opens a portal to Limbo that she cannot control; she is drawn into the portal by a cluster of demonic tentacles. She is eventually freed from her restraints by Pixie, and Illyana and her rescue team return to Earth.

In a reversal of fortune, Pixie is kidnapped by Project Purgatory, and Magik returns to Limbo with the New Mutants in order to rescue her. While in Limbo, the New Mutants encounter the Inferno Babies – mutants who were taken as infants by the government and raised and trained in Limbo. This now-adult team attacks and overwhelms the New Mutants. While the rest of the team is captured, Magik escapes to Earth with Karma and Pixie. After hiding the Soulsword inside Karma, Magik teleports the rest of the X-Men to Portal Epsilon, Project Purgatory’s gateway to Limbo, for what the X-Men believe to be a rescue mission. They arrive just as Limbo’s Elder Gods breach the gateway to Earth. Karma releases Legion’s mind with the soulsword, freeing him to use his powers to destroy the Elder Gods and return the bloodstones belonging to Magik and Pixie, thus restoring their souls. Confronted by Cyclops afterward, Magik admits to putting the world in danger and manipulating the X-Men for the sake of a personal vendetta against the Elder Gods. Cyclops decides that she must be restrained. While she remains unrepentant, she accepts his decision.

Magik is placed in the X-Brig 2, a newly constructed, ultra-high security prison 500 ft. below sea level. She is controlled by devices that detect and prevent the use of teleportation and magic. During a visit Magik accepts the blame for her incarceration when Colossus tries to comfort her. Magik is temporarily released by Colossus and Kitty in order to get her help in defeating Juggernaut.

Following the events of Schism, Magik is selected to be a member of Cyclops’ “Extinction Team.” Despite this status, she remains a prisoner. She is only released from the X-Brig for missions, and while in the field, her suit contains lethal fail-safes that prevent her escape.

Illyana is chosen as one of the “Phoenix Five,” a group of X-Men granted additional powers by the Phoenix Force. After Ms. Marvel is defeated by Rogue, Magik appears and gags the Avenger before teleporting her into Limbo, trapping her and terrifying Rogue. Following the defeat of Cyclops, Magik and the other former members of the Phoenix Five are reported to have gone on the run. Magik joins Cyclops team of X-Men at the New Xavier School at the old Weapon X facility. The Phoenix has damaged Magik’s powers, like it did to the other five; Illyana initially thinks her ability to channel increased energies from Limbo is a power upgrade, but Dormmamu pulls her into Limbo, and demonstrates that her newfound ability to effortlessly summon Limbo energies is destroying Limbo. Dormmamu later pulls the entire Uncanny team into Limbo, intending to kill them in front of Magik before he kills her. They fight back and Illyana absorbs all of Limbo’s mystic energy, causing it and its creatures to disappear. She sends the X-Men back to Earth, and travels back through time to become the protégé of a past version of Dr. Strange, explaining that she needs a greater understanding of magic, so as to better control her mutant powers

Magik's Power


Powers and abilities


Magik has the mutant ability to teleport herself and others through time and space from one location to another. She initially did this by summoning what she calls “stepping discs,” which were part of a dimension known as Limbo. When Illyana called for a stepping disc she had to use Limbo as a midway point before she could teleport to an alternate location. Magik has succeeded in teleporting herself across continents, from one continent to another, and even interplanetary and intergalactic distances on occasion.

Unlike most teleporters in the Marvel Universe, Magik can teleport through time as well as space. She has teleported moments, days or centuries into the past or future. Especially early on, she had difficulty modulating this ability and would often inadvertently travel through time and space when intending to teleport only through space. The greater the distance over which she teleported, the greater the possible margin of error in terms of her arriving at the point of time she intended.

After Illyana absorbed all of Limbo, the stepping discs ceased to exist; now when Illyana teleports ethereal images of ghosts, dragons, or other supernatural creatures appear.


Magik was the sorceress supreme of her Limbo dimension.

In Limbo, Magik was able to cast any magic spell that Belasco could, having had access to his store of sorcerous knowledge. Her sorcery was a unique mix of black magic that she learned from Belasco and white magic she was taught by an alternative-reality Ororo Munroe.

On Earth her magic was limited to astral projection, sensing mystical presences, scrying, and casting very simple spells. In X-Infernus, she uses magic of a seemingly greater strength than she could previously use in Earth’s dimension. Since absorbing Limbo and becoming Dr. Strange’s disciple Illyana’s magic on Earth has been considerably stronger, such as when she used spells she learned from Dr. Strange to destroy advanced Sentinels.



Eldritch armor

The more that Magik uses her magical power, the more mystical armor appears on her body in addition to demonic features such as horns and hooves. The armor deflects or limits attacks, both physical and magical. Illyana’s armor also provides protection from theTransmode Virus.


The Soulsword was created by Illyana Rasputin during her imprisonment in Limbo. Illyana magically caused her own life force energy to manifest before her. Once this happened she cast her hand into a pool of eldritch energy and imagined a weapon in her mind. When she withdrew her hand she was holding the Soulsword, created from her own soul. A simple looking blade upon its origin, it develops intricate designs and forms upon itself the more Illyana uses it, becoming more powerful with each use.

Magik’s Soulsword disrupts magic energies, constructs and creatures. It also augments the power level of any magic user who holds it. The Soulsword generally has no physical effect, but disrupts even the most powerful magic as it passes through. Since Illyana’s resurrection, the Soulsword seems to affect psychic beings like Legion’s personalities, whereas in the past the sword only affected magical creatures and spells. The only exception to this has been Kitty Pryde, who can still be cut by the Soulsword even when Pryde is using her phasing power to become intangible. Illyana can make her Soulsword appear and vanish at will. After Avengers vs. X-Men, Illyana has used her Soulsword against physical beings, including a Sentinel.

Other abilities

Illyana has formidable psionic shields, which block anyone from reading her mind, even such powerful telepaths as Professor X, the Shadow King, and Rachel Summers.Since her revival, Illyana is able to lower her psionic shields.

Due to Belasco creating the magical bloodstones with their souls, Illyana has a psychic bond with X-Man Kitty Pryde. Because of this, a similar connection could be considered between Illyana and Storm.



Anole (Victor Borkowski) is a fictional mutant superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was created by Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis and first appeared in issue #2 of New Mutants vol. 2 (August 2003). A student at the Xavier Institute and junior member of the X-Men, Anole is one of the few openly gay characters in the Marvel Universe. His reptilian mutation grants him superhuman abilities including wallcrawling, a prehensile tongue, and adaptive camouflage.

Initially a supporting character in New Mutants vol. 2 and its relaunched title, New X-Men: Academy X, Weir and DeFilippis intended for the character to commit suicide early in the series after coming out as gay and finding himself rejected by his family and friends. According to the writers, the story was to serve as a message about intolerance. Marvel editors scrapped the story due to concerns about the controversy it might generate. The storyline was rewritten and the character survived. He since became a fan favorite and began to be featured regularly throughout the series and as a main character in subsequent X-Men-related titles, including New X-Men and the short-lived Young X-Men.

Early life and arrival at Xavier’s

Victor Borkowski is a sixteen-year-old mutant born and raised in Fairbury, Illinois, a small, typical American town in which he lives a normal life despite his reptilian features.The close-knit community accepts him for who he is until anti-mutant sentiment begins to spread. For his own safety, his parents send him to the Xavier Institute where he quickly excels academically.

When the advisor system is set up at the Xavier Institute, Victor chooses Karma as his advisor and is given the code name Anole. During the formation of training squads throughout the school, he is reassigned to Northstar’s Alpha Squadron where he serves as the squad leader. At first, he is depicted as close friends with fellow student Julian Keller and the other students in the Hellions Squadron, but later becomes closer to his teammates. He is especially close to his mentor Northstar, who helps him to come to terms with his sexuality. Anole is deeply affected by Northstar’s death, stating that Northstar understood him and was important as a figure he could confide in.



Post M-Day

Anole is one of only 27 students at the Institute who does not lose his mutant powers in the aftermath of House of M, also known as Decimation or “M-Day.” The squad system is dissolved and the remaining students are merged into one group. Shortly afterward, Emma Frost sets up an all-out brawl amongst the remaining students to determine who will become the new team of X-Men trainees (dubbed the “New X-Men”); Victor is not selected for the squad, but remains at the school. When a resurrected and brainwashed Northstar returns with his sister Aurora and attacks the Institute, Anole finds him and is able to temporarily snap him out of the mind control set in place by the Children of the Vault. Anole’s joy at seeing his former mentor is short-lived, as Northstar returns to his mind-controlled status and knocks him out. The school is later attacked by Reverend William Stryker and his army of mutant-exterminating Purifiers. This results in a bus full of Anole’s classmates being killed and the murder of other friends at the school.

Joining the New X-Men

During the New X-Men story arc “The Quest for Magik,” Anole and his classmates are sucked down into the dimension of Limbo by the demon Belasco. They are soon attacked by a large group of demons, and Anole takes charge, rallying the students around the defenseless Blindfold, only to have his right arm severed at the shoulder by a demon. Later he is trapped in stone by the machinations of Darkchilde as she attempts to create a powerful Soulsword from Pixie’s soul. Anole manages to break himself free and stop Darkchilde from completing the process, saving Pixie. Anole then finds that he has generated a larger and stronger reptilian arm replacing the one he lost, a previously unknown aspect of his mutation. The arm itself is spikey, resembling his scalp, with razor sharp claws. After helping to defeat Belasco, Anole and Pixie are made members of the New X-Men squad on recommendation of Rockslide, who threatens to quit if they are not appointed to the team.

Rockslide and X-23 later try to convince Anole to cut off his other arm in order to generate a stronger replacement. When he refuses, Rockslide calls him a sissy, which Anole finds offensive enough for him to reveal his sexual identity to Rockslide and attack him. Rockslide apologizes, swearing that he did not know. Later, in a misguided attempt at group bonding, Rockslide voices his acceptance of Anole’s sexuality, outing him to some of the other students, though Loa states that she was already aware and that everyone already knew.

As a member of the New X-Men, Anole takes part in various missions with the team, including the events leading up to X-Men: Messiah Complex and through to its conclusion when Cyclops officially closes the school and disbands the X-Men. With the school closed, Anole returns to his family in Fairbury, Illinois.

Divided We Stand

A vignette in the two-part series Divided We Stand explored the after-effects of Anole’s numerous traumatic experiences at the Xavier Institute during his return to his hometown. Northstar, now rehabilitated, is contacted by Cyclops to find Anole, who goes into hiding after accidentally attacking his own father due to posttraumatic stress disorder from his experiences at the Xavier Institute. Northstar discovers Anole at his tree house, unhappy to see his former mentor. At first, Northstar makes jokes, thinking Anole is having a problem with fitting in as both a mutant and as a gay teen. Anole explains that his town accepts him for who he is and that his problems come from Northstar, along with the other X-Men, for providing the students under their care with a poor education, stealing their innocence by constantly exposing them to danger, and then throwing them away by disbanding.\ Planning to run away, Anole leaves a note for his parents at the tree house and elbows Northstar in the face—similar to how Northstar attacked him in the past—and tells him to tell all of the former New X-Men not to come looking for him.


Young X-Men

Young X-Men

Main article: Young X-Men

Dani Moonstar personally recruits Anole to the Young X-Men team by visiting him at his new home. Anole is still apprehensive, maintaining his views from Divided We Stand, but is persuaded to join the team when Dani tells him that the X-Men have relocated to San Francisco, California, “a place renowned for its tolerance of mutants and… other minorities,” a reference to Anole’s gay identity. Moving to San Francisco, he engages in various missions with the Young X-Men, including assisting during the Skrull invasion of San Francisco.

When his teammate Dust dies from a hidden medical condition brought on by her fight with Magma, Anole once again voices his opinions about leaving the team as they are constantly put in danger with mortal consequences. Dust is revived by teammate Ink and she convinces the team not to disband.



Powers and abilities

Anole’s reptilian mutation gives him green scaly skin, a spiked head carapace instead of hair, a prehensile sticky tongue, the ability to stick to solid surfaces, and enhanced agility, speed, reflexes/reactions, coordination, and balance. He can also rapidly camouflage himself through physiological color change to his surroundings to become “invisible.” He can grow back lost limbs but they appear scaled and reptilian like his carapace and grant him a higher level of strength. His new arm has sharp claws at the ends of his fingers that he can use for attack purposes. Beast confirmed that whenever Anole loses a limb, a stronger version of that limb grows in, though Anole is reluctant to risk further transformation.

Nightcrawler and Anole

Nightcrawler and Anole

Sexuality and reception

Early in the character’s publication history, Anole’s sexual identity was alluded to by his close relationship with his squad mentor Northstar, one of Marvel’s most recognized openly gay superheroes. After Northstar’s “death,” Anole’s conversations with his former mentor Karma, an openly lesbian character, discussed how he felt it was important for him to have someone like Northstar, who “understood him,” to talk to in particular. His sexual orientation was later confirmed by DeFilippis on an online forum, who stated that the dialogue intentionally alluded to this, and was reaffirmed in The X-Men: 198 Files. His sexual orientation continued to be mentioned indirectly, and other allusions included him pointing out that Young Avengers characters Wiccan and Hulkling are gay before being cut off and Anole attacking Rockslide for calling him a “sissy,” Rockslide shouting that he “didn’t know” and that he “shouldn’t be so sensitive.” In the following issue, Anole’s sexuality was officially stated outright for the first time when Rockslide announces, “Anole’s gay!” in an attempt to quickly get the remaining students to bond with each other by opening up about their secrets. Despite Rockslide’s vocal acceptance of his sexuality, Anole was outraged, though Loa stated that his classmates already knew.[7]

Since then, Anole’s sexual orientation has been handled more openly, being directly referred to as “gay.” When discussing further story development of Anole’s sexuality during their run on New X-Men, Yost and Kyle stated that they had no plans to further cover the issue, emphasizing that Anole would be able to work out any issues he had regarding his sexuality or his lack of reconciliation with his former mentor Northstar by covering them off-panel with teammate Rockslide. Anole would later confront a rehabilitated Northstar in the X-Men: Divided We Stand vignette “Blend In,” revealing that contrary to Jean-Paul’s assumptions, he experienced no difficulties being accepted as a mutant or gay from his family or residents of his hometown, and instead experienced posttraumatic stress disorder and a sense of being used and abandoned after his time with the X-Men.


Admitted ‘X-Kid’ JAMES TYNION Jumps at Chance to Tell An ‘AMAZING’ X-MEN Story

During his review of X-Men: Divided We Stand, writer Dustin Christian of For the Love of Comics Reviews expressed pleasant surprise upon realizing Anole’s sexuality and praised writers Yost and Kyle for their handling of the character during their creative run on New X-Men, stating, “It’s cool to see a gay character depicted in a non-stereotypical fashion so that their orientation doesn’t define everything they do and someone like me wouldn’t even know that about them.”


In the vignette “Abomination” featured in X-Men: Manifest Destiny, Anole and his Young X-Men teammate Jonas Graymalkin have a talk where Graymalkin discusses his past and reveals that he too is gay and was a victim of a near-fatal homophobic attack at the hands of his father. Anole reassures him that he will be all right and the two form a friendship. Lyle Masaki of Logo’s expressed interest in this development, stating that, “[w]ith the small number of gay superheroes out there, camaraderie between gay characters is as rare as same-sex couples.”



Darwin (Armando Muñoz) is a mutant superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2, and was created by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Pete Woods. Darwin appears in X-Men: First Class where he is played by actor Edi Gathegi.


Early Life and Krakoa

After birth, Darwin’s powers of self-protection and continuous circumstantial evolution made his mother hate him. The half-African, half-Hispanic boy was found by scientists who experimented on him, bringing him to the attention of the public. He was found by Moira MacTaggert and recruited as one of her “fosters.” He was in the first team, along with Kid Vulcan, Petra, and Sway to attempt to rescue the X-Men from Krakoa.

While Petra and Sway were killed by Krakoa, Darwin and Vulcan were swallowed in the earth by a combination of Sway and Petra’s dying powers. Darwin absorbed the remains of the two girls and then converted himself into energy to fuse together with Vulcan. This gave Vulcan the powers of Darwin, Petra, and Sway. Rachel Summers managed to expel Darwin’s presence from Vulcan, who then took off for space. While dealing with the shocking revelations of the truth about Krakoa and Vulcan, Beast found out that Darwin was in fact still alive. He was brought back to the Institute, where Beast determined Darwin was now a being of pure energy. While not conscious, he was shown to still have brain activity and was still alive, located at the X-Mansion. Once separated from Vulcan, Darwin’s abilities caused him to develop a physical form once more.


The Rise and Fall of The Shi’ar Empire

When the Uncanny X-Men team (including Warpath, Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, and Professor Xavier) left to go hunt down Vulcan and stop him from destroying the Shi’ar, it was revealed that the Professor brought Darwin with them with hope that his friendship with Vulcan would help. When Shi’ar agents abducted Professor X, Darwin followed, and secretly jumped onto their spacecraft as it fled.

After successfully rescuing Xavier from his captors, Darwin was well on his way to freedom when D’Ken was revealed to be alive and well. Recaptured by the Imperium guards, Darwin failed in his attempt of rescuing his mentor and reluctantly accepted the Vulcan’s offer of becoming best man at his and Deathbird’s wedding.

Though obviously against the union, Darwin attended the wedding—albeit in shackles—and was caught in the crossfire when the X-Men and Starjammers attacked. Fearing his great day to be completely ruined by the interference, Vulcan trapped Xavier within the M’Kraan Crystal. Naturally fearing for his mentor’s safety, Darwin followed Xavier into the depths of the crystal, and rescued him. He was taken to the X-Men’s space ship with Professor X and Lilandra Neramani sent the ship on its way back to Earth.

World War Hulk

During the World War Hulk storyline, Darwin was one of the X-Men who heeded the call for help when Hulk came to the X-Mansion. While fighting the Hulk, he evolved the ability to absorb gamma radiation. Darwin attempted to absorb gamma radiation from the Hulk only to find that the Hulk’s gamma radiation supply was far more than he could drain. His body then determined the best way to confront the Hulk was to not confront the Hulk at all and Darwin gained teleportation powers and promptly teleported himself out of the Hulk’s path of destruction: a distance of roughly three states away.

Messiah Complex

Darwin reappeared in Messiah Complex and fought alongside the X-Men against the Marauders, Purifiers, Predator X and Cable.

Secret Invasion

Sometime after Messiah Complex, Darwin goes in search of Professor Xavier because he wants to help him. He encounters Longshot, who tries to lead him to the Professor by using his powers. Longshot, however is unsure if his powers have been working correctly and tests them out on a group of people which turn on Darwin and attack. After a brief fight, Darwin manages to get away and the crowd turns on Longshot. Afterward, Longshot meets back up with Darwin and they are attacked by Jazinda and She-Hulk who are trailing after Longshot, who is really a Skrull named Nogor. Darwin also develops a crush on Monet.

Meanwhile, Darwin’s father hires X-Factor Investigations to help him find Darwin, supposedly because he feels bad for walking out on him and his mother when he was younger.


Darwin Comic

Joining X-Factor

After Darwin is reunited with his father, he is betrayed by him and sold out to operatives of an organization known as the Karma Project, who are experimenting on living human beings, only for their attempts to duplicate Darwin’s hyper-evolution to fail when the duplicate Darwins’ DNA proves incapable of handling his powers.

He is eventually recruited into the team by Siryn after she tells him that with X-Factor, he won’t have to deal with the massive threats the X-Men routinely deal with. After Monet is possessed by the villainous Cortex and attacks Lenore, a young woman in the team’s care, Darwin bravely fights her off. In the midst of the massive battle, Darwin is accidentally crushed by a Sentinel that had been blasted out of the sky by Siryn. Emerging unharmed from the debris, Darwin cynically mocks her earlier speech about not having to worry about this sort of thing with X-Factor.

Several months later, the team relocates to New York City in order to take advantage of high paying metahuman cases. Darwin is present when the team is hired by Valeria Richards and Franklin Richards, and claims to be intimidated by Valeria’s intellect. Darwin seems to still harbor feelings for Monet, becoming angry when Multiple Man tells the team that they may not be able to help her find her kidnapped father.

During a battle with Hela, Darwin adapts to her touch by becoming a death god himself, but has trouble coping with the after-effect of the god-like abilities that were granted to him. He decides to leave the team to adjust and find himself.


Darwin Comic

On his return to X-Factor in the story arc “Breaking Points”, Darwin has been plagued with voices in his head after touching Hela and assuming the form of Hela. These voices reveal to him the possible apocalypse that will be incurred by Rahne’s wolf son Tier. He takes it upon himself to kill the wolf, but is met with resistance from Tier and his guardianWerewolf by Night. Despite several attempts to subdue Tier, he is met by Rictor who tries to stop Darwin from killing the child by throwing Darwin off the top of the cliff using his newly regained earthquake-inducing powers. Darwin doesn’t die, the result of his evolutionary powers kicking in, but continues the hunt following Rahne’s son from another dimension.


Powers and abilities

Darwin has the power of “reactive evolution”; i.e., his body automatically adapts to any situation or environment he is placed in, allowing him to survive possibly anything; the exact nature and limits of his powers have not been revealed.

Examples of his powers include: gaining night-vision after a few seconds in the dark; functional gills after being submerged in water; fire-proof skin after being exposed to flame; increasing his own intelligence; converting his body into pure energy; no longer requiring oxygen after being sucked into space; morphing into a sponge when shot at with a weapon designed to destroy the subject’s nervous system; and acquiring comprehension of the Shi’ar language merely by looking at written samples. His power may concern itself with more efficient methods of survival than Darwin himself might choose; for example, instead of continually increasing Darwin’s powers when taking punishment from the Hulk, his body simply teleported him away from the fight.

His power can also work when dealing with non-immediately-life-threatening situations, such as rendering it impossible for Darwin to get drunk by allowing his body to process alcohol faster than humans would normally.

White Queen

White Queen

Emma Frost was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to the wealthy Winston and Hazel Frost; she is the third of four children, which include her older brother, Christian Frost, her older sister Adrienne Frost and her younger sister Cordelia Frost. Winston is cold, ruthless, and domineering, often imposing impossibly high standards on his children, while Hazel abuses prescription drugs to cope with the tensions of her household. Thus, Frost obtains no emotional support from her parents or her sisters, but gets along with her brother Christian.

At her school, Frost is ruthlessly bullied by her peers but finds support in teacher, Ian Kendall. When her telepathic powers manifest, Frost is able to read the minds of others and glean information. Frost becomes a tutor to the other students and Ian recommends her to be a teacher, something Frost’s father refuses. On her way home from school one day, Frost’s car breaks down and Ian gives her a ride home. After reading his thoughts and learning that he thinks she is beautiful and intelligent, Frost kisses him. Her sister Adrienne records it and her father uses the evidence to get Ian fired. Frost begins to fight back by blackmailing her father. Intrigued by her actions, Winston offers her the family fortune but Frost rejects his offer and decides to make her own way in life.


After a period of homelessness, Frost meets and falls in love with a young man named Troy, who agrees to let her live with him. She learns that he owes a large amount of money to a local mobster named Lucien. In order to save Troy’s life, Frost agrees to participate in a fake kidnapping scheme in an attempt to extort the remainder of Troy’s debt from her father. However, this soon turns into a real kidnapping and Troy is killed while valiantly attempting to save Frost from an enraged Lucien. Using her powers, Frost turns the thugs against one another and then forces the remaining henchman to free her.

White Queen

White Queen

Frost takes the ransom money and enrolls in Empire State University. There, she begins to learn about mutants for the first time and meets fellow telepath Astrid Bloom, who becomes her friend and mentor. Frost later learns that Astrid has been secretly manipulating events. Furious, she attacks Astrid telepathically and leaves her comatose. Frost is later invited to the Hellfire Club, an underground elite society. Frost discovers the plans of Edward Buckman and Steven Lang to destroy all mutants. Alongside Sebastian Shaw, Lourdes Chantel, and Harry Leland, Frost battles Lang’s Sentinels. Frost kills Buckman and the Council of the Chosen, then – along with Shaw – takes control of the Hellfire Club, setting themselves up as Lords Cardinal of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.


White Queen Bio

White Queen of the Hellfire Club

As White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Frost held many titles, one of which was Chairman of the Board and CEO of Frost International, which helps to fund the activities of the Lords Cardinal. Frost also becomes the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, a school for mutants which serves as a counterpoint to Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Frost and the Club’s agents later attempted to recruit Kitty Pryde for the Massachusetts Academy, and capture (and personally torture) several members of the X-Men, including Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, and Phoenix. Frost engages Phoenix in a psychic battle in which she is overpowered and on the verge of being killed. Frost launches a last-minute attack that led the X-Men to believe she had committed suicide, though in truth, she was comatose and recovering from Phoenix’s attack under the care of Sebastian Shaw. In another encounter with the Hellfire Club, Frost telepathically forces Kitty Pryde’s parents to transfer her from Xavier’s to the Massachusetts Academy. She then switches minds with Storm in order to defeat the X-Men from within their own ranks, however, the process is soon reversed and the two are restored to their respective bodies. She was later temporarily rendered comatose by Mastermind.


White Queen

Powers and abilities

Emma Frost is a mutant of enormous telepathic ability, and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability which suppresses her telepathy. Additionally Frost has been a host to the Phoenix Force and was classified as an Omega-level mutant when she went to shut down the Avengers Academy as one of the Phoenix Five.


Frost has been classified as an “Omega-Class telepath”, capable of extraordinary psionic feats, including the telepathic standards of: broadcasting and receiving thoughts, mind-control, altering perceptions and memories, psychic shielding, astral projection, mind switching, brain engram modification, mental sedation, induction of mental pain via touch. She is also able to boost or activate a mutant’s powers through access of their brain’s neurological pathways, and can communicate across global distances unaided. Her abilities have been stated to rival that of Charles Xavier himself. Additionally, she has also been referred to as a “psi of the highest order,” been ranked among the five most skilled telepaths on the planet, has demonstrated the ability to stalemate Exodus,and overcome telepaths, such as Nate Grey, Kid Omega, and Rachel Summers, through greater power, experience and skill.


White Queen – Diamond Form

Diamond form

At the moment of the destruction of Genosha, Frost manifested a secondary mutation giving her the ability to transform her body into organic diamond. In this form, Frost is translucent and retains mobility while being nigh invulnerable, and able to support incredible amounts of weight.

Emma’s diamond body is virtually tireless as she does not produce fatigue poisons and has no need for water nor food. She is also numbed from emotion, pain and empathy, impervious to cold, and resistant to heat in this form. Furthermore, in this form she has no need to breathe. Despite this high level of invulnerability, her diamond form has a single molecular flaw, which if exploited – such as being shot with a diamond bullet – can cause her body to shatter.

In this diamond state Frost is unable to access her psychic powers due to suppression by her diamond form’s adamantine luster. As a result, Emma is also granted total telepathic immunity while in diamond form. Her diamond form is also stated to emit low-level ultraviolet light, causing it to glow in darkness.

Frost’s diamond form also grants her superhuman strength. She has been shown to manhandle Warpath, and has sent Lady Mastermind flying through a wall with a single punch.

White Queen diamond form

White Queen diamond form


Emma Frost diamond form [X-Men First Class]

Innate traits and expertise

Frost has a gifted intellect with college degrees in multiple fields, including a Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in Business Administration from the prominent Marvel Universe’s Empire State University. A superb businesswoman, Emma Frost for many years was founder and CEO of Frost Enterprises, a major multinational conglomerate headquartered in New York City that rivaled Stark Enterprises and Worthington Industries and specialized in shipping, aerospace engineering and new technology R&D.

Frost is also a highly capable planner, an electronics expert, and can invent machines that grant various psionic abilities, such as “Multivac”, a mutant locater capable of monitoring the psionic levels of mutants; the “Hallucinator” used to induce hypnotic hallucinations to brainwash others; the gun-like device that enabled her to exchange minds and powers with Storm; and the Mindtap mechanism which enhanced and enabled her Hellfire cohort Mastermind to project his illusions directly into the mind of the Phoenix.

Frost is well versed in medical disciplines such as neurology, biochemistry, pathophysiology and genetics. This has allowed her to medically cure Polaris from an array of infectious diseases and examine Iceman’s brain physiology. Additionally, Frost has also been shown to bootstrap her own brain chemistry to counter a neurotoxin.


Emma Frost X-Men

Telekinetic potential

On occasion, it has been hinted that Frost is also a latent telekinetic. Jean Grey’s displaced psyche was able to use Frost’s brain to generate a telekinetic force field and fly.During the Onslaught Saga, Frost unwittingly levitated several kitchen utensils while having a bad dream. When the mutant Synch “synched” with Frost’s powers, he was able to use them to levitate several objects and individuals in the room. This phenomenon is then referred to as telekinesis and credited to Frost’s psi powers.

Resources and anonymity

Frost possesses vast wealth as the owner of several multibillion-dollar conglomerates; Frost International, Frost Enterprises and Meridian Enterprises. Additionally, Frost has also made investments in oil companies, Stark Industries, Wakandan Airways, Ben Nishmura’s gamma research, Reed Richards’ patent for unstable molecules and Cummings Aeronautics helicarrier project. Furthermore, as CEO Frost International Frost has access to various technologies either designed by herself, or made through acquisitions of corporations such as LaNeige Industries which specialises in trans-dimensional travel and weaponry.

Frost’s wealth and legal resources (Brooke & Webster esq plc) affords her a degree of anonymity over the digital medium. This has been shown to extend to databases owned by the Avengers, and the Sentinel Bastion. Furthermore, several injunctions have been in place to prevent any discussion or referencing of Frost or her moniker the “White Queen” on any public networks.

As a member of the Phoenix 5, Frost at one point telepathically scanned every single superhuman and human mind on the planet digging for the darkest of secrets and information.

Attire and paraphernalia

Frost regards her revealing attire as battle armour which may give her a psychological edge against any opponent. Additionally, Frost considers high-heeled footwear as vital to her attire, and has demonstrated balance and proficiency with them in hand-to-hand combat. Frost has to maintain a careful balance between her fashion sensibilities and being on the battlefield as this has on one occasion hindered her mobility on mountainous terrain.