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Good Morning,
What is these flowers original colour?

Posted – 20160610



The plants 🍀🌱infront my house always grow more beautiful~ >3
門前的植物🍀🌱總是長得比較茂盛~ ❤Photo 11-04-2016, 20 11 25.jpg

【Nareepol Trees 女人樹】世界什么神气都有...

女人樹,這是在泰國的一種樹,名字叫「Nareepol」,其中naree意思是「女孩/女人」,而 pol 的意思是「植物/樹」,也就是說這是「女人樹」,它的神奇之處就是結出的果實就像是**女子的雕刻藝術品,據說這種「女人樹」在距離曼谷500公里的碧差汶省就有。

The Nariphon (นารีผล), also known as Makaliphon or Makaliporn (from Pali makkaliphala, Thai: มักกะลีผล, RTGS: Makkaliphon) is a tree in Buddhist mythology which bears fruit in the shape of young female creatures. The maidens grow attached by their head from the tree branches.  This tree grows at the Himaphan, a mythical forest where the female fruits are enjoyed by the Gandharvas who cut the fruits and take them away.

The Nariphon is also mentioned in the Vessantara Jataka in which Indra placed these trees around the grove where the Bodhisattva Vessantara meditated.

Nareepol Trees Nareepol Trees