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早安 ‪#‎簡單的幸福‬

Good morning Wednesday,
the greenish bring you a fresh day~ ‪#‎SimpleHapiness

posted – 20160803


簡單的幸福… 就是那麽容易
Simple Happiness

Posted – 2016.07.21


‪Princess Hebe trying her new cloth…

#‎新衣裳‬ ‪#‎HebethePomeranian‬

– Posted:  2016.07.09

So great to see a lot of green plants at my balcony.

– Posted:  2016.07.05

新增露臺綠意植物, 看了心情都好起來了~

The power of natural beauty, best for moody day.

– posted, 20160610

The plants 🍀🌱infront my house always grow more beautiful~ >3
門前的植物🍀🌱總是長得比較茂盛~ ❤Photo 11-04-2016, 20 11 25.jpg

添置新家具 New furniture for my little Guppy.

‪#‎Aquarium‬ ‪#‎Guppy‬

花開又花謝 都不知已經是第幾次的開花了~

小魚兒~ 在這綠綠的水生植物誕生了 🐟🐠🐡🍀

‪#‎aquarium‬ ‪#‎waterplants‬PIC08256_Aquarium_plant PIC08257_Aquarium_plant PIC08268_Aquarium PIC08270_Aquarium 

Living_Room01 Living_Room02 Living_Room03 Living_Room04 Living_Room05 Master_Room01 Master_Room02 Master_Room03 Master_Room04 Master_Room05 Master_Room06 Master_Room07 Master_Room08 Master_Room09

【Before and After】

BnA1 BnA2 BnA3 BnA4

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