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【Delicious Moment @ Weekend】  ლ(o◡oლ)

From the Left (Marble Cheese, White Dark Chocolate Cheese and Cappucino Cheese).

Original video record from Stadium Kelana Jaya,
on 08May2013

We all Malaysian. 508 Protest

We all Malaysian.

Campaign Anti-corruption.

历史的一刻!馬來西亞人很合作的一天, 正義永遠存在!
所有车都熄火了, 车主们就这样当大道是泊车位,走路去体育馆

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim addresses a crowd of more than 100,000 at Kelana Jaya stadium to reject the results of the 13th general elections.

Tea Time ::: Orea Cheese Cake Oreo Cheese Cake

Secret Recipe

Orea Cheese Cake at Secret Recipe ( 1Utama New Wing)